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How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly

Here at RMS, we understand the assignment. We believe that small, sustainable strides can lead to a brighter, more sustainable future. And we get it, sometimes that can feel or sound a little…fluffy. But, in recent years, as the beauty industry has come under scrutiny for its environmental impact, thanks in part to everything from excessive plastic packaging to harmful chemicals that infiltrate our ecosystems, we think it’s important to educate on how we’re working towards a more sustainable future—and how you, as our clean community, can, too. 

As awareness grows, so does the movement towards more sustainable and eco-friendly beauty routines. So we’re here to help provide practical steps and easy-to-follow tips for ditching the old, traditional beauty routine and ushering in a more sustainable, environmentally minded routine for all.

Understanding the Environmental Impact 

Traditional beauty routines can contribute significantly to environmental degradation, usually through the use of products laden with man-made chemicals that, when washed away, taint our waterways, harm land and marine life, and seep into our soil. Some of the best known ones are parabens—a chemical antifungal that’s a known hormone disruptor, formaldehyde—a common, known carcinogen used to preserve formulas, DEA and BHAs (along with many others). 

When these chemicals seep into our soil and waterways, they not only cause environmental and human harm, but also harm to animals ingesting them.

In addition to harmful chemical ingredients, the traditional beauty industry is one of the leading contributors to plastic waste, thanks to countless products packaged in single-use plastics that are rarely recycled. The production and disposal of these products emit greenhouse gases, exacerbating climate change, and add to physical waste on this planet.

We know it’s a lot to take in, but recognizing these impacts is the first step towards adopting an eco-friendly beauty routine. And, by understanding how our choices impact the greater good, we can make informed decisions that benefit both the planet and our personal health.

How to Choose Eco-Friendly Products

Transitioning to an eco-friendly or more sustainable beauty routine is easy once you know what to look for. Here’s how to make the switch effectively:

1. Ingredients:

Opt for products with natural, organic, wildcrafted, or sustainably sourced ingredients that are less harmful to the environment. Avoid chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, which can cause ecological damage (and can be harmful to your health). 

As an artist-led brand that puts health and safety first, we here at RMS are constantly inspired to maximize performance, while creating our own clean standards. Why? Because the United States currently bans only 30 ingredients from personal care products. At RMS, there are currently over 2,700 ingredients that we do not use. And we’re always adding to and updating our list depending on the latest science. 

2. Packaging:

Second, seek out products with minimal, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging to reduce plastic waste. 

Since the launch of RMS Beauty in 2009, we have meaningfully packaged many of our products in recyclable glass jars. We continue to source new or tried and true materials like the aluminum tubes of our Eyelights Cream Eyeshadows that are easy-to-recycle materials. In 2022, we made the transition to 100% PCR for our plastic lids. Wherever there is plastic (including the white outer casing of ReEvolve Primer & Foundation), we incorporate PCR content as much as possible.

And all of our unit cartons are made of 80% post consumer recycled mohawk paper with the exception of ReEvolve Natural Finish Foundation that is 100% PCW. Additionally, all cartons are forestry certified and vegetable ink is used for printing.

3. Company Practices:

Support companies that prioritize sustainability not only in their products or packaging, but also in their operations. Look for brands that use renewable energy (like how our outer cartons are produced), ethical sourcing (wildcrafted,—like the Wildcrafted Buriti Oil, straight from Brazil, in our Buriti Bronzerorganic, or sustainably sourced are all great terms to look for), and give back to environmental causes.

Reducing Waste in Your Beauty Routine

In addition to shopping sustainably minded brands and choosing eco-friendly products, you can also take steps to reduce waste in your every day beauty routine. Below are a tips to help you reduce waste:

1. Reusable Alternatives:

Swap disposable items like cotton pads, makeup wipes, and single-use products for reusable options such as washable cotton rounds, cloth wipes or biodegradable ones like our Makeup Remover Wipes. They're biodegradable and made with Organic Coconut Oil. Refillable options like our ReDimension and ReEvolve collections are another way to significantly reduce beauty waste as well. 

2. Proper Recycling:

Head to PACT to familiarize yourself with your local recycling guidelines to ensure you're recycling beauty product packaging correctly. We’re a proud member of PACT, the non-profit organization that has taken responsibility when it comes to our industry’s packaging problem. With various locations across the country, PACT makes it easy to recycle your beauty product empties. Just drop them off at a location near you.

3. Invest in Multi-Use Products:

When you stock up on multi-use products (like Lip2Cheek, Luminizer, and more), you use less and get more. You also get the added perk of making your routine more streamlined, too!

Our Favorite Sustainable and Multi-Use Products

Since 2009, we’ve been all about great, clean beauty essentials that feel and function like skincare. And these products below steal the show in terms of sustainability (and for good reason).

  • Buriti Bronzer: Our award-winning cream bronzer nourishes and hydrates as skin glows with the healthiest looking bronze. It’s made with Wildcrafted Buriti Oil, which is native to Brazil and packed with vitamins and super potent antioxidant protection. Organic Cocoa Seed and Organic Shea Butter sustainably sourced from Africa. Housed in our signature recyclable glass jar and topped off with a 100% PCR plastic cap. Use it on the highpoints of the face for a gorgeous, sunkissed glow.
  • UnCoverup Concealer: Our 3-in-1 concealer, color corrector, and tinted moisturizer is formulated with skin-loving clean, organic ingredients like Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, and more, for a nourishing, concentrated cream formula never dries skin out and won't settle in pores. Plus, the plastic caps are 100% PCR and contained in our signature glass jar. 
  • ReEvolve Radiance Locking Primer: Formulated with skin-firming Tightenyl™, moisture-rich Vegetable Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid and Eggplant Fruit Extract, this gel-textured primer visibly smooths the skin’s appearance and leaves skin looking radiant while allowing makeup to apply flawlessly. innovative, refillable package. The plastic component is 50% PCR and refillable, and the outer carton is made of 80% post consumer recycled paper and vegetal ink. A good, clean, sustainable primer? Check.

A Good, Clean Glow

We get that becoming more sustainable isn’t always easy, but these simple swaps make it less complicated. Incorporate more multi-use products, ones made with sustainable practices and better-for-you-and-the-planet ingredients, and you’ll be golden. And if you need any help, we’re here for you. Book an Artist Advice session to chat with any of our handpicked Artist Experts for a customized routine today.

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