What does RMS stand for?
rms is the initials of my name, Rose-Marie Swift. It also stands for "Real Make-up Secrets" and "Right Mental State".


What is the difference between RMS Beauty products and other natural products?
A great deal of time, energy and resources were used to research and develop a line of make-up products that not only help you to enhance your beauty, but also to protect you from the potential dangers of known synthetic ingredients. Many so-called natural products contain many synthetic ingredients, often used as preservatives and fragrances, yet these are not disclosed to consumers as synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. Also, the manufacturing process renders many oils – even organic ones – toxic. At rms beauty we take great pride in using manufacturing processes that avoid heating oils to high temperatures, so that all healing enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants reman intact. We guarantee the highest grade of ultra pure ingredients in rms beauty products. Please note…..Organic is a guarantee of safety NOT quality. We have taken those extra steps to also guarantee the highest quality.
Another important benefit of RMS Beauty over other natural brands is that Rose-Marie is a well known makeup artist. She has worked with the biggest names in the beauty and fashion industry so a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience has gone into the making of this brand towards standing out from the crowd.


Is this product easily applied or is it for make-up artists only?
rms beauty is a dialogue with the skin. The warmth of your fingers soften the products so they are easily blended using minimal application. rms beauty make-up blends to perfection so easily that even beginners will have no problem. rms beauty products will simplify your beauty regimen to be faster than you could ever imagine. The most user friendly line ever created.


Why do you prefer finger application?
We prefer applying rms beauty with fingers because skin to skin application is superior. It blends so much better and benefits the skin because it stimulates blood flow. Its acupressure touch approach to the skin encourages skin cell regeneration and turnover. Skin must be stimulated or it atrophies.

I have now created a foundation brush that mimics skin to skin application that is the perfect foundation brush you will ever use.  Both the foundation and blush brush are designed to make make-up application very easy and mess proof. 


Why is your product called Lip & Skin Balm?
This product not only helps heal and nourish lips, but also works to help soften lines around the eyes or anywhere on the face. A quick sweep of the balm on the corners of the eyes (crows feet area) works miracles. The formula is enzyme rich, mineral rich, vitamin rich, amino acid rich, antioxidant rich – why limit it to the lips? We truly believe this is the best balm you will find anywhere.

Winner: Allure Best of Beauty 2010 "Best Lip Balm " (Natural Wonder)


Will RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm cause my lips to peel like others do?
Many lip balms use petroleum (Vaseline®), mineral oils, alcohol and other chemicals that will dehydrate lips over long-term use. In the rms beauty Lip & Skin Balm, bee propolis provides a source of amino acids and is natures antibiotic as well as antibacterial, a combination that promotes cell turnover and healing of chapped lips to improve the look of dry or aging lips.


Why do I have chronic chapped lips and nothing seems to work?
Some people are very low in essential fatty acids (EFA's), necessary dietary fats that come from fish, nuts and seeds. A deficiency in EFA's can lead to chapping, dry, and sometimes cracking skin that can't be addressed with a topical product. For those people I recommend a daily supplement of EFA's (fish oils/ flax seed oils). Dietary EFA's can also help eczema and dandruff. rms beauty Lip & Skin Balm is extremely helpful in healing and softening extremely dehydrated lips. Hydration can also be cause by lack of water in the system.


Will RMS Beauty Cream Eye Polishes cause creasing?
Eye shadows formulated with synthetic ingredients will crease because they interact poorly with the skin's own oils, the natural organic oils in rms beauty Cream Eye Polish products interact well with skins natural oils. We prefer that no moisturizer is added onto the lid before application. Those with oily lids will notice that colors may not hold as well (good news for that is…. moist lids result in less aging of the eye then dry lids). Those with dry lids will benefit from the pure, nourishing organic oils in the formulation. If minimal creasing occurs, simply pat the lid gently with your finger. Today's new creaseless eye shadows are extremely dehydrating and aging to the sensitive eye area so none of those synthetic ingredients will ever be found in rms beauty products. Please see application tips on product page.

Winner: Natural Solutions Magazine "Editors Choice Award" Best Eye Shadow
Please not apply any moisturizer on lid before application.


Will RMS Beauty Lip2cheek (or their other products) cause pimples?
No. It's time to learn the truth about the different oils used in beauty products. Synthetic oils, often derived from petroleum, (like mineral oil, baby oil, Vaseline® and petrolatum) are occlusive oils – meaning that they block the pores and cause pimples. rms beauty Lip2cheek and "Un"Cover-Up colors contain pure, unprocessed oils that are amazing for the skin. Raw, organic coconut oil contains lauric and caprylic acid that is known for its anti fungal and antibacterial properties that help to protect the skin. Moisturizing organic jojoba oil is most like skin's natural oils (sebum) and helps to keep skin soft. Organic argan oil is one the greatest sources of natural vitamin E, while cocoa butter works with bee propolis (a natural antibiotic) to promote healthy-looking skin. Don't be surprised to if you uncover healthier-looking skin as you continue to use your rms beauty products. See: Ingredients.


What does the "Un" Cover-Up mean?
"Un" Cover-Up doubles as a concealer and a light foundation. It is for minimal coverage and will never look heavy, chalky, or dry. "Un"cover-up is exactly that……it evens out skin tone and small imperfections yet won't hide the skin's own vibrancy. Colors will adapt to the skins exact tones and reduces redness and discoloration.

Winner: Allure Best of Beauty 2011/2012 "Best Concealer"(Natural Wonder)"


What is the Living Luminizer?
This is one of our favourites, and a must-have for the most dewy, luminous look ever. It provides a subtle light-reflecting sheen without looking glittery, white or heavy like most highlighters. Watch the skin instantly come alive. Use minimally on cheekbones, eyes, brow bones, down bridge of the nose, bows of the lips for a sexy pout or as a lip gloss. Will highlight and brighten the face better than any other product out there and will not dry out.

Winner: Elle 2009 "Best Make-up Product"


What is the best way to use the Lip2cheek colors and Cream Eye Shadows?
Many natural products also lack the pizzazz that women have come to expect from make-up. Formulator Rose-Marie Swift has more than 30 years experience as a celebrity make-up artist in New York and Europe, and has created colors she knows look fabulous on all skin tones. Natural doesn't have to mean "boring".
Because rms beauty products contain a generous concentration of mineral color, very little is needed to get the desired effect. Both products can be simply applied with the fingers. Apply a minimal amount with a firm stroke for better absorption and results. To create a stronger, more intense color, simply reapply. rms beauty works extremely well with a simple use of the fingers. Skin to skin always makes for a beautiful, well blended look. Make-up brushes work as well if preferred (synthetic brushes are better). Remember to apply a minimal amount of product for best results.

Winner: Elle 2011/2012 Green Star Award


Why does RMS Beauty have products with synthetic color?
In the interest of full disclosure, we want you to know that all of our tints are created through natural minerals except for Lip2cheek colors "smile", "curious" and "beloved, as well as Lip Shine "sacred, which could not be created without the use of the tiniest bit of synthetic pigment. If your goal is to avoid all synthetic pigments, please choose from other products in the rms beauty line. As science advances, we will continue to reformulate until we find a natural source for that color.


Are RMS Beauty products waterproof?
Oil and water do not mix, so rms beauty products are not likely to come off through normal perspiration and wear. They are, however, easily removed with your normal cleansing products. We suggest rms beauty Raw Coconut Cream.

Winner: Elle 2012 Green Star Award


Can I wear RMS Beauty products to bed?
Although formulated with natural and healing ingredients, rms beauty products should be removed before bed. Washing your face at night removes environmental dirt and impurities, and gives your skin the opportunity to breathe.


Should I wear a sunscreen under RMS Beauty products?
Synthetic sunscreens will negate the healing potential of rms beauty products. While rms beauty products do not make an SPF claim, the natural oils and minerals in rms beauty offer some protection from sun. See for a list of safe sunscreens if you choose to apply extra protection. Also see for more info on sunscreens. Please avoid all synthetic chemical sunscreens used in traditional cosmetics.


Will RMS Beauty products melt?
Because all of our products are formulated with organic oils, they are temperature-sensitive. For best results, keep all rms beauty products at room temperature away from sunlight. If products soften, cooling in the refrigerator will restore them to their proper form. Please note that all rms beauty formula's have been tested to find the perfect balance of texture between the hot summers and the cold winters.


Will RMS Beauty products freeze?
Again, due to the nature of the ingredients in rms beauty products, they are also sensitive to extreme cold. For best results, keep all rms beauty products at room temperature. If products harden, remove them to a location at room temperature. To quickly restore a hardened product, body heat from your fingertips will normally soften it enough to be immediately used. The products will not be negatively effected in any way form heat or cold.


Will you be creating more RMS Beauty products?
Yes, we hope to continue to expand the rms beauty line. Please visit this site regularly for updates or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about new product releases.


Will RMS Beauty products dry up and harden?
Over time they will sometimes get a little hard on the surface mostly if the product has not been closed. A simple circular motion of the fingers will add the needed warmth to soften it again. The product will be fine underneath and you can resume application to the skin.


Why does RMS Beauty avoid essential oils?
rms beauty avoids steam distilled essential oils as they have been known to:

  • adversely affect the potency of herbal extracts
  • may cause rashes and skin irritation to sensitive skin
  • can cause long term skin dehydration

We believe essential oils should be used for therapeutic purposes and not daily application in various beauty products.

Visit our blog to read more.


What is the difference between natural and organic?
Initially, the terms 'natural' and 'organic' were used to describe products made with ingredients that came from nature. Unfortunately, as soon as marketers learned that consumers enjoyed the idea of non-synthetic products, the words began to appear on all sorts of products, whether they were truthful or not. It's called green-washing, and it's possible because consumers have to be well-informed consumer to distinguish frauds from the real deal. Honest natural products contain ingredients from plants and nature and are minimally processed. Organic products take 'natural' several steps further: they are made with non-GM ingredients that have been grown, raised, harvested, manufactured and preserved without chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics – giving you products with fewer contaminants. All of these extra steps cost more in organic farming and processing, which is why organic products tend to cost more. This, of course, is part of the problem: as soon as manufacturers realize consumers will pay more for a product with 'organic' on the label, the word starts to appear. And here are some of the tricks used: the chemical definition of organic is 'a compound that contains a carbon atom'. Since carbon is found in anything that lives or has ever lived, unscrupulous companies use synthetic chemicals derived from petroleum products, describing them as organic preservatives. This use of the word, of course, has nothing at all to do with the reason you might be interested in the product. Another label deception: since water is the primary ingredient in many products, some manufacturers claim to use organic floral waters or hydrosols. Look at the label a little closer and you'll also see synthetic toxic ingredients. That's your first clue the product has been green-washed and that you'll want to put it back on the shelf! Pay attention, as well, to phrases like 'derived from' – which indicates that something was done to your natural ingredient to turn it into something no longer natural. Having said that, however, chemical reactions take place all the time – even naturally – turning one thing into another. For example, soap is the result of combining a fat, like coconut oil, with a salt, like sodium hydroxide: two natural ingredients coming together to create a whole new item. The bottom line is that you should educate yourself on what sorts of ingredients you want to avoid and make informed purchasing decisions . Please see for more information on chemicals to avoid.


Does RMS Beauty have organic certification for the product?
The quick answer is ‘ NO.' The reason for this decision takes a little explanation. Currently, there are no uniform standards in the United States or Canada to certify organic cosmetics. Certain individual states, like California, have created guidelines, but they aren't accepted everywhere. Canada hopes to have national regulations in place soon, but it's uncertain if manufactured products will be included. Currently, products that are certified bear the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) seal. This works well for foods, agriculture and livestock but doesn't take into account the various processing steps involved in sourcing, formulating, manufacturing and distributing cosmetic products. In effect, the USDA seal isn't applicable for color cosmetics. Color minerals used in color cosmetics can not be certified organic because they are not grown. Skin care lines without color can apply for USDA Certification and not surprisingly, certification is expensive. So we decided to wait until organic certification has been made applicable to color cosmetic products and standardized across the board before we proceed with it. We also must have a certifier that we feel establishes a very high standard of organic certification that truly rewards for quality like that which we have put into rms beauty products. We feel this quality lacks in other certifying agents. Almost all of the ingredients in rms beauty products are certified organic (USDA and NOP) and are indicated as such on the label. See "ingredients".
The nasty truth……....the USDA has now allowed GMO ingredients in a very low percentage in USDA labeled food and skin care. RMS Beauty allows NO GMO in our products.


What preservatives are in RMS Beauty products? How long will they last?
Bacteria and fungus need water in order to grow, so we don't have any water in any of our rms beauty formulations. That's an easy one. Unfortunately, we know that as soon as you open the container and start to use our products, chances are pretty high that moisture from the air or your fingertips will be introduced. And although our products are formulated with oils, even oils are subject to eventual break-down. As a result, preservatives are necessary. But chemical preservatives used in many products work because they kill cells. Although microbes are made of cells, so are we. It's not surprising then, that these preservatives can irritate your skin. More alarming, certain preservatives (parabens) have been linked with reproductive diseases and cancer. That's a risk we weren't willing to take for your health. Fortunately, there are methods of preserving products without these chemical ingredients. First and foremost, since your bathroom tends to be moist and warm – the perfect environment for bacterial contamination – store your rms beauty in a cool, dry place like your bedroom. Better yet, use the refrigerator if you are not using them for a long period of time (they do not need to be refrigerated if using them daily). Many plant extracts are not only capable of resisting micro-organisms but some will actively destroy them. Combining two or more of these agents often creates synergy, meaning that the individual agents working together exert a greater effect than the separate effects of the individual agents. Among the most effective natural preservatives are essential oils and various herbs such as rosemary. Antioxidants also help oils from going rancid while preventing free radical damage to the skin from environmental factors including pollution and sunlight. Many familiar antioxidants include vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Note that many manufacturers use synthetic forms of these antioxidants. In rms beauty products, we use full-spectrum tocopherol (natural Vitamin E that is NON-GMO….. meaning not genetically modified) for aiding in preserving the product. Propolis is made from tree resins by bees, and functions as the immune system of the beehive. It has natural antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that make it an effective addition to rms beauty formulas. We also use organic rosemary extract with antioxidant phenolic compounds likes carnosic acid and carnosol that are powerful inhibitors of lipid (fat) peroxidation. Rosemary extract is such an effective preservative. All rms beauty products contain a combination of these natural preservatives and ingredients (and oils) with a naturally long shelf life. Some natural oils used in skin care and cosmetics go rancid extremely fast. rms beauty avoids all of those cheap oils. Lab testing shows our products will last well over two years, but for best results we recommend you use them within one year of opening. rms beauty products are made to be used every day.


What does 'non-GMO' mean?
First of all, let's start with the definition of genetically modified or GM. GM refers to the process of directly altering the structure and characteristics of genes. It involves taking the DNA from one organism, manipulating it in a lab, and introducing it into another organism's genome. This type of GMO (organism) is known as a transgenic organism. Plants could be manipulated with the intention of improving flavour or shelf-life, for example, or to be resistant to insects with the intention of improving yields. While great in theory, there aren't any long-term studies of the impact of genetic modification on the plants themselves, or on humans, animals or the environment. None. There is anecdotal evidence, on the other hand, that GM products aren't harmless. As it stands now, most of the corn we eat and cotton we wear is genetically modified. Soybeans aren't far behind. You might be surprised to learn that most of the Vitamin E used in cosmetics also comes from a GM source. With a world-wide increase in food allergies, there's a strong possibility that playing with the DNA of our food is making us sick. And how do we control it? Seeds from GM crops are blown by the wind and carried by rivers to appear far from the fields in which they were initially planted, with the potential to take over. We're all part of a global experiment that we at rms beauty don't want to contribute to. That's why we chose non-GM ingredients for all of our products.