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Lipstick: What Are the Best Lipsticks For Every Season?

Lipstick: What Are the Best Lipsticks For Every Season?

Nothing completes your look like a great shade of lipstick, even if you’re going bare-faced for the day. When the seasons change, it’s a great opportunity to hop out of your comfort zone and try on different colors you wouldn’t normally wear. 

Whether you’re glamming up for the holidays or going for a fresh-faced summer look, the right lipstick is the ticket for perfecting your makeup. Here’s how to achieve a flawless lip with finesse.

How Often Should I Wear Lipstick?

Daily, of course! Actually, you can wear lipstick whenever you want to. 

Our founder is famous for her signature red lipstick, RMS Red, and you’ll rarely catch a glimpse of her without it. If you’re more of a business days-only gal, that’s okay too. With so many different lipstick colors available, you can customize the best lipstick sets for an entire season. 

With any quality lip color, you should get at least several hours of wear. If you want coverage that doesn’t need continual reapplying, you’ve got some great options. 

Does Lipstick or Lipgloss Last Longer?

Generally, a lipstick will last longer than a lip gloss, however, the beauty department of practically every department store is packed with a bunch of different styles that promise to stay glued to your lips for 12+ hours.

The problem with most long-wearing lipsticks (and some liquid lipsticks) is that they contain a heap of chemicals and ingredients that aren’t safe for your body. Polymers, acrylics, and parabens may make your lipstick last longer than you do, but putting these harsh ingredients on your lips means you’ll be ingesting them while you wear them. 

Instead, opt for lippies that are richly pigmented with safe, natural, food-grade colors. The rich pigments will adhere to your lips and allow the color to last a lengthy amount of time without you licking toxins on your lips all day. 

What Are the Most Popular Colors of Lipstick?

Lip color preferences vary from person to person, but generally, lip color options trend with the seasons. This is why you’ll see ads for nude lipstick in summer and darker, earthier tones in the fall and winter months. 

That’s not to say you can’t wear brick red in summer and a nude lip on New Year’s Eve. The perfect lipstick is one that matches your skin tone and makes you feel amazing. 

Nude Lipsticks

Nude lipsticks are foolproof, and an easy way to add a little natural color to a bare-skinned look.

Nudes can be the perfect option for drawing attention to a bold eye or keeping your makeup lowkey, but if you use a shade that is too close to your natural skin color, you can end up looking washed out or sallow. 

To grab the perfect shade of nude, avoid colors that are overtly beige. Subtle hues of pink and berry undertones in a nude lip keep them looking natural and healthy, and give the ideal hint of color to your pout. 

Berry Shades

Berry shades can flatter all skin tones. Raspberry, blackberry, plums, and cranberry are all shades that can work for numerous different seasons. Berries can be richly pigmented and intimidating if you’re not used to so much color. 

You’ll find berries glide on easily in a lip gloss, and offer deeper, richer colors in matte finishes. 

Red Lipsticks

Anyone can wear red, and that’s because there’s an infinite range of colors in the red lipcolor family. While some people may save their red lippies for special occasions, at RMS Beauty we proudly support the Mon-Fri red lip.

You don’t have to be scared of wearing reds, it’s easy to find one that matches when you focus on shades with correct undertones for your skin color.

Pink Tones

Pinks sometimes get a bad rap for being outdated or too closely related to the frosty colors the 80’s made so popular, but pink shades of lipstick range from nude, petal pinks to brighter mauves and fuschias. 

Pink lips look great year round, but are especially popular in spring and summer when the weather is warmer.

How Do I Know Which Lipstick Colors Suit Me?

Your lipstick color should match your skin’s undertones. At first glance, learning about undertones can seem confusing, but once you narrow down your overtones and undertones, it’s easy to shop from the right shade families. 

For instance, when shopping for deep berry lip color, you’ll want to shop for shades in your undertone family. If you have warm undertones, you’ll shop for deep purples, tawny cranberries, and blackberries.  

Which Lipstick Shades Are Best for Which Seasons?

No matter what season, remember: you’ll have your own list of favorites that quickly become your go-to’s. If you want to wear a rich red in spring, do it. There really are no rules when you feel fabulous. 

For those of us who want a little more guidance, here are our favorite picks for seasonal shades that are always on trend.


Darker earth tones and a gorgeous matte finish are as much a match for fall as pumpkin spice lattes and changing leaves. We love brick reds, browns, and muted, earthy mauves while we carve our pumpkins and wrap up in our buffalo plaid scarves.

Shades to try:

  • RMS Wild With Desire Lipstick in Nightfall, Rapture, and RMS Red. These two shades practically beg to go on a hayride and look beautifully polished at a Thanksgiving table. 
  • RMS Lip Shine in Sacred. A high-shine red with just a hint of pink keeps lips hydrated and richly pigmented.


Holiday parties are exciting, but they can also be stressful. Once you find the perfect dress, it’s on to accessories. Once those have been chosen, it’s makeup. What makes seasonal lipcolor so fun is the ability to create looks you might not normally wear. 

Deep berries are essential for winter, and they work for both casual and formal events. The darker and more dramatic the color, the more attention grabbing it will be. Try experimenting with different finishes to achieve a completely different look with the same shade. 

Shades to try:

  • RMS Tinted Daily Lip Balm in Twilight Lane. This fragrance-free lip balm provides 12 hours of hydration but wears like your favorite glossy lipstick. Richly pigmented for subtle yet noticeable color.
  • RMS Wild With Desire Lipstick in Jezebel. This shade of red has a blackberry undertone that makes it the perfect creamy lipstick for holiday galas or baking cookies with the fam.  


We usher in spring with lighter colored clothing and, usually, complimentary colors that represent newness. Pastels are beautiful for spring flings and lightening up your makeup look after the darker more intense colors of winter. 

Look for pinks, mauves, and bright berries. 

Shades to try: 

  • RMS Lip2Cheek in Demure. This double-duty lip color and cheek stain brightens up your skin tone with just the right amount of color, giving you a slightly flushed look. 
  • RMS Tinted Lip Balm in Destiny Lane. The ultimate pink lip color, this shade works well with numerous skin tones and is a true, modern pink. This gorgeous color matches perfectly with cherry blossom festivals, egg hunts, and new romance. 


The lazy days of summer have less rules in terms of shade selection and give you the opportunity to experiment with a full range of different types of lipstick colors and finishes. Although you’ll probably be bombarded with waterproof lipstick advertisements, we recommend you make better buying choices.

Waterproof makeup can harbor some unsavory ingredients that aren’t safe for your body and you definitely don’t want near your lips. Instead, wear a lip color that is super hydrating to keep your lips protected from dehydration during arid summer months. 

Nudes are a great option for sun-kissed skin and help give you a pop of color right where you need it. 

Shades to try: 

  • RMS Lip and Skin Balm. This ultra-hydrating balm moisturizes, hydrates, and softens with a blend of coconut oil and jojoba oil. Wear it alone or over matte lipstick to give any color shine. 
  • RMS Lip Shine in Bloom. This youthful pink with a hint of shimmer is the anthem of summer for your lips. Long-lasting hydration keeps it so comfortable you’ll want to keep it on all season long. 


Winter, spring, summer, or fall, the best lipsticks are the ones that make you feel like a million dollars and keep your lips comfortable. 

At RMS Beauty, we think a good lipstick can give you the motivation to take on the world, and we design our lip colors (and our skincare) for people who make it their goal to do so, during every season. 


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