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British Vogue: Powder Trip

March 08, 2013

British Vogue: Powder Trip
British Vogue's April issue is out!  With spring right around the corner, Vogue editors have sifted through countless cosmetics and skincare products to bring you their favorites.

And this spring is all about powders!  We're not talking about the typical powder that can be drying and chalky; this new era of face powder is formulated with nourishing skincare ingredients that actually improve skin quality.

 Among the picks is the rms beauty 'un'powder.  Made with only one ingredient, fine silica, this powder is an essential to your beauty regimen.  Lightly dust over your face to set makeup, absorb excess shine, encourage collagen production and soften skin.  What's more, this translucent powder comes in one universal shade that suits everyone.

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