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Psychologies UK: Mother Knows Best

January 09, 2013

Psychologies UK: Mother Knows Best
The beautiful and talented Diane Kruger graces the cover of UK's Psychologies Magazine this February.  Gearing up for the year ahead, the publication includes stories on how to best attain your goals in 2013 through positive thinking and smart planning.
In that regard, what better way to kick start your year than by reevaluating your concept of beauty?  Once society's expectations of beauty and the beauty industry are tossed aside, you may find a world where both personal beauty and happiness coincide--just by being yourself.
We know that many traits are inherited, but can something as trivial as a favorite perfume or eyeshadow shade be result of what we learned as children?  Psychologies asks four women to recount their most memorable beauty moments growing up, only to discover they each shared a common thread: mothers formed the initial foundation for their personal concept of beauty. When Rose-Marie was asked to recount her most vivid beauty memory, she instantly recalled her mother Gerda's wise words: less is more.  From growing her own vegetables at their Vancouver home to keeping her style simple yet elegant, Gerda conveyed to Rose-Marie at a young age that natural beauty, unhindered and honest, is the most beautiful of all.

With such insight into Rose-Marie's childhood, it is easy to see why she approaches beauty and cosmetics in such a naturalist manner.  The creation of rms beauty further shows how her 'less is more' mantra was sparked by her mother's beauty routine--formulating makeup with the purest of ingredients that heal and improve your natural beauty without masking what lies beneath.

And for that, we thank you Gerda!

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