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Tamanu Oil Benefits and Uses

Tamanu Oil Benefits and Uses

We’re all looking for skincare products that help us look as young as we feel. Aging is a part of life that definitely beats the alternative, but we all want to look as though we never spent a moment sunbathing for a little too long or skipping our evening moisturizer. 

Part of having the happiest, healthiest skin possible is making sure we’re using products that work together with our skin’s healthy function, not against it. This means seeking out ingredients in our products that work synergistically with our skin and avoiding products that contain harmful toxins.

At RMS Beauty, we’ve spent over a decade researching and testing the most promising, naturally extracted ingredients from all over the world. We are extremely discriminating when it comes to what ingredients we allow in our products. We seek out ingredients that are food grade, organic, and as close to their natural form as possible. 

Our living ingredients standard is what sets us apart from other clean beauty companies. One of our favorite ingredients, (and incidentally one of Dr. Oz’s favorites) is tamanu oil. Used by ancient cultures for centuries, tamanu is found in high quality skincare products and helps give your skin radiance and hydration.

What is Tamanu Oil?

Tamanu oil is a highly respected antioxidant oil celebrated for its many properties that support healthy skin. Tamanu oil is extracted from seeds that grow on a tropical evergreen called the tamanu nut tree, native to Southeast Asia. It has been used in this region medicinally for centuries. 

Tamanu oil can be extracted in several different ways, but the three most popular involve either cold pressing the seeds, using heat for extraction, or using a chemical solvent. 

It’s important to note that many companies use methods of oil extraction that involve extreme levels of heat. When ingredients are extracted with high heat methods, the chemical composition of the ingredient changes from its natural state, and many of the beneficial components of the ingredient are lost. 

Additionally, chemical solvents can also be used to extract and “change” the properties of tamanu oil, giving it a longer shelf life. A longer shelf life doesn’t really matter if the oil you’re using has been adulterated into a completely different ingredient altogether. 

At RMS Beauty, we use a cold press process to extract the oil to ensure the maximum benefit from this potent ingredient. This allows the oil to remain as much in its natural state as possible before being added to our products. 

Tamanu oil is often added to facial oils and serums to help eliminate blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, and help hydrate the skin. It can also be used to soothe sunburns, rashes, and other skin irritations. 

Let’s dive deeper and get a better understanding of all that tamanu oil can do for your skin, and how using it in its living ingredient form is the most beneficial way to help keep your skin radiant.

What Tamanu Oil Can Do For Your Skin

If you do a search for “tamanu oil,” you’ll pull up page after page of purported benefits. Tamanu oil is a centuries old holistic therapy used for a wide range of benefits that support various parts of health and well-being. 

There’s even some solid evidence that tamanu can help your skin combat the visible signs of sun damage. 

However, tamanu oil used on your skin produces some amazing benefits that make it a virtual miracle ingredient. 

Here’s what you can expect from using a tamanu oil product.

It’s an incredible moisturizer. 

Tamanu oil is full of fatty acids. In fact, it has some of the highest fatty acid content compared to other plant-based oils. This makes tamanu oil an excellent skin hydrator. The fatty acid content helps keep your skin’s natural moisture levels balanced, while soothing and nourishing dry skin.

Unlike synthetic moisturizers which can contain harsh emollients and petroleum-based emulsifiers, which can irritate your skin and work against keeping your skin properly hydrated. Tamanu oil’s intense amount of lipids help soothe and soften dry skin naturally, without irritation. 

It stimulates collagen production. 

It’s almost impossible to talk about wrinkle reduction without mentioning collagen. The amount of this “plumping” protein that gives your skin it’s full, youthful appearance starts to decline as you age, allowing room for fine lines and wrinkles to appear. 

Tamanu oil promotes collagen production, kicking your cells into high gear so imperfections fade and your skin looks and feels healthier and smoother. 

It reduces the appearance of skin imperfections and improves skin texture. 

Tamanu also supports healthy skin regeneration, thanks to its ample vitamin B and vitamin E. That means using tamanu oil on your skin can help support the growth of new, healthy (read: younger-looking) skin. 

Skin that is irritated can benefit from the use of tamanu oil, as well as skin that suffers from imperfections that just won’t seem to fade on their own. Tamanu renews and restores skin, leaving skin looking newer and brighter. 

What is Tamanu Oil Used In?

You can find tamanu oil as a standalone product at a health and wellness store. However, for the most beneficial skin care products that contain tamanu oil are moisturizers, skin oils, and hydrators.

Be careful: as previously mentioned, tamanu oil can be extracted in ways that don’t leave the original, healthful oil ingredients intact. It’s important to check the product’s brand website to determine how the oil has been extracted and added to a product. 

RMS Beauty Oil

We might be biased, but we think the best way to reap the benefits of tamanu oil is by using a high-quality, organic oil blend, like RMS Beauty Oil. What makes our beauty oil different from any other tamanu oil containing product?

  • A waterless formula. Too many beauty oils are 90% water and 10% oil. Not only does this result in using products quickly, it diminishes the ingredients’ potency. Our beauty oil contains no water and is completely plant oil and extract-based. You get 100% of the benefits, zero watering down.
  • Living ingredients. We don’t do a lot of tampering with the ingredients you find in our products. Our organic, food-grade ingredients are the highest-quality, cleanest available in the industry. Both the tamanu oil and jojoba oil found in our beauty oil are cold-pressed and added to our product in a virtually untouched form. 

Because our beauty oil is so highly concentrated with potent oils, you’ll experience more of the benefits of tamanu oil faster than you would with another product.

  • Multipurpose. The role of many beauty oils is simply to hydrate skin. Our beauty oil hydrates completely, but also serves as a skin primer, smoothing and conditioning skin prior to applying makeup.

RMS Beauty oil is lightweight, absorbs quickly, and leaves your skin feeling smooth, conditioned and moisturized. Because it is so highly concentrated, you’ll find you only need a few drops for your entire face. 

In addition to our beauty oil, you can also find tamanu oil in our Beauty Body Oil and Kakadu Evening Beauty Elixir

Beauty Body Oil does for your body what our Beauty Oil does for your face and neck, delivering the ultimate in concentrated hydration that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, soothed, and restored. 

Evening Kakadu Beauty Elixir combines the repairative, skin brightening benefits of kakadu superfruit with tamanu and other exotic oils to help your skin cells repair and restore while you sleep. 

Pairing kakadu with tamanu gives your skin the support it needs to amp up its collagen production and erase skin imperfections. 

How Using Nourishing Ingredients Like Tamanu Oil Will Change Your Beauty Routine

There are clean ingredients, and there are the cleanest ingredients. 

RMS Beauty has been dedicated to sourcing the cleanest, purist, most natural ingredients for our products for over a decade. We are unapologetically uncompromising when it comes to:

  • Ingredient quality
  • Ingredient benefit
  • Product performance

Our founder, Rose-Marie Swift, has decades of experience as a makeup artist to some of the most clean-discriminating celebrities and high fashion models. She saw a need for nourishing, non-toxic ingredients in cosmetics and skin care after witnessing firsthand the negative effects of “quick fix” beauty products on her clients. Her mission was (and is) simple:

Women deserve access to pure, natural, non-toxic, organic skincare. 

When you incorporate products like Beauty Oil with living ingredients, you begin to see an overall change in your skin. Ingredients that are wildcrafted, organic, and unprocessed retain their nutrient profiles and their overall integrity, which translates into better use and synergy with your own skin. 

You can begin enjoying the benefits of tamanu oil by adding Beauty Oil to your daily routine. You deserve the cleanest beauty products available, and using them can change your skin and encourage a completely new level of skin health. 

This information for RMS was fact checked by an expert in the beauty industry: Rose-Marie Swift



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