Our mission to create healthy luxurious beauty means we only use the highest-quality clean ingredients, meticulously sourced and tested for complete purity. Each product in our collection strikes the perfect balance of superior clean formulations with professional, high-performance. So go ahead and let your natural beauty shine!


In beauty, experience always has the edge. RMS Beauty founder and renowned, makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift, brings 36 years of industry experience, passion, wisdom and skill to her craft. Rose-Marie has mastered the art of clean, high-performing makeup so you can fearlessly master your own flawless looks.

Our Story

11 Years of Clean Beauty

Rose-Marie invented the word ‘luminizer’ and was the first to create it as a product. First RMS Beauty lab production, 18 products: 1 living luminizer, 3 “un” cover-ups, 2 balms, 6 eye polishes, and 6 lip2cheeks

October 2008

Development started on www.rmsbeauty.com website for launch

January 2009

RMS Beauty Press Event in NYC with top editors and friends of Rose-Marie to launch the brand. Launched in London’s Being Content beauty store, the first international store for the brand

June 2009

Launched in The Netherlands in the Skins store

January 2010

Launched in Paris, France, in the Colette store

August 2010

RMS Beauty’s first product extension. Launch of two lip shines in ‘bloom’ and ‘moment’. “Moment” was created for Rose-Marie to use on set with Gisele. Received the first-ever RMS Beauty award, Allure Best of Beauty: Natural Wonders, for Lip & Skin Balm

September 2010

Rose-Marie’s work in the clean beauty world featured in French Vogue

August 2011

Rose-Marie appeared on QVC selling the living luminizer, which quickly became a customer favorite

April 2012

Received Allure Best of Beauty: Natural Wonders, Best Concealer, for “un” cover-up

September 2012

Launch of the first of its kind uniquely formulated coconut oil in a jar for use on face, hair, and beyond

May 2013

Launched in Japan to a captivated audience and continuously growing market

May 2013

Launch of the RMS Beauty mascaras

February 2014

RMS Beauty and Rose-Marie featured in the Spring JCrew catalog. Living luminizer sold out in retailers across the world once this feature hit mailboxes. RMS Beauty products appeared in JCrew’s stores with great success

March 2014

Launch of the RMS Beauty’s cult Beauty Oil

June 2014

Launched in Australia in Mecca

June 2014

Launched in Credo, USA

August 2014

RMS Beauty Defining Mascara won the Allure Best of Beauty: Natural Wonders

September 2014

RMS Beauty launched in Le Bon Marche, Paris, France

January 2015

RMS Beauty launched in Blue Mercury, USA

May 2015

RMS Beauty launched a curated selection of products on Sephora.com

June 2015

Tinted ”un” powder won the Allure Best of Beauty award

September 2015

RMS Beauty created and launched the first-ever GREEN FRIDAY, the week before Black Friday. The day spotlights the importance of Green Beauty during the busiest holiday shopping season. This tradition, by RMS Beauty, has been continued ever since and is widely adopted by other brands and organizations internationally

November 2015

RMS Beauty launched in Tokyo, Japan in Isetan

January 2016

RMS Beauty launched in Canada in Murale

June 2016

Curation of RMS Beauty launched in Sephora stores

August 2017

Launch of the Wild With Desire Lipstick Collection, 10 RMS Beauty lipsticks created after 3+ years of formulating

October 2017

RMS Beauty launched at Harrods in London, United Kingdom

November 2017

Launch of RMS Beauty Within. The first women’s beauty-only focused Probiotic+Prebiotic and Digestive Enzyme

January 2018

The Today Show featured Meghan Markle’s favorite beauty products - the living luminizer is a top pick of hers

May 2018

Wild With Desire Lipstick won the Allure best of beauty award

October 2018

Launch of the Savannah Peach Collection, the first RMS Beauty look-in-a-kit, based on Rose-Marie’s love for the City of Savannah, GA

April 2019

RMS Beauty launched at Galleries Lafayette in Paris, France

June 2019

10 years of clean beauty celebration

July 2019

Rose-Marie is awarded the CEW Female Founders Award

January 2020

RMS Beauty launched in Sephora France

February 2020

"un" cover-up wins Allure's Reader's Choice Award

May 2020

“Eventually the clean beauty industry will just become…the beauty industry”
- Rose-Marie Swift, January 2009

“As a makeup artist for over 35 years in the beauty industry, I saw what worked and what didn’t live up to promises. I have seen the results of a quick-fix approach to looking good and its consequences, and I know first-hand the price our health can pay in the pursuit of beauty. I realized there is a need for cosmetics that are as pure as possible, products that create a solid foundation for long-term beauty. I have carried this philosophy through into every formula, every shade, every single RMS Beauty product.  You deserve the best.  We’re setting the standard”

Clean since 2009 and proud of it!


The real genius behind RMS, however, may be its foolproof range of dewy, flesh-toned colors. 2012


I know first-hand the price our health can pay in the pursuit of beauty. I realized that women need a cosmetics line that is as pure as possible; one that creates a solid foundation for anti-aging and long-term beauty. Rose-Marie Swift. 2013


Makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift believes in natural beauty—which is why she launched her own cosmetics line RMS. (Its solid celebrity following includes natural beauties Miranda Kerr, and Gisele.) 2015


The Sexiest Women in the World Swear by This Makeup Queen. [Miranda] Kerr loves Swift’s straightforward approach. “We share the same philosophy when it comes to beauty,” says the Australian supermodel. “Rose-Marie has truly mastered the art of organic beauty, and I love working with her.” 2017


“RMS Beauty's Wild With Desire Lipstick Is My Favorite Natural Makeup of All Time.” – RMS Beauty, Allure’s Best of Beauty Winner. 2018


RMS Beauty founder and CEO Rose-Marie Swift has been styling the faces of supermodels and actresses for the past three decades. In the past year, she's been making headlines for a very different reason - her fight to bring healthier products to women across America. 2019