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6 Simple Tricks To Prevent Mascara From Smudging

6 Simple Tricks To Prevent Mascara From Smudging

You leave the house with lashes that look perfectly styled, with the ideal amount of jet black mascara. What usually happens? By lunchtime, you glance in the mirror to find your look has changed from runway perfect to run over by a truck. 

Mascara that smudges makes you look tired, hungover, and to be honest — a little less than classy. But wait, before you apply layer upon layer of thick concealer and powder under your eyes to compensate, try these tips to prevent smudging and keep your natural look. 

Why Does Mascara Smudge?

The real culprit behind your smudgy mascara isn’t the mascara itself, it’s your seriously hydrated eyelids. It may annoy you that your oily lids cause your mascara to smudge and slide, but oily lids are actually something to embrace.

The skin on your eyelids is extremely thin and delicate. They have fewer sebaceous (oil) glands than the rest of your skin. As such, your eyelids and eye area are one of the first places you’ll show signs of aging. Dehydrated lids are what give us a crepey, “chicken skin” look. 

Mascara may also smudge because the formula doesn’t bond with your lashes like it should. If your mascara isn’t made with ingredients that lock onto your lashes, chances are you’ll end up with accidental raccoon eyes by 10:00 a.m.

Thankfully, you’ve got options (more than just waterproof mascara). It’s possible to get a smudge-free look naturally, without using a product that is practically impossible to remove. 

Is Waterproof Mascara Smudge-Proof?

Not necessarily. Waterproof mascara uses a blend of questionable chemical ingredients to coat your lashes with a formula that isn’t easily removed. Most of the time, these chemicals include polymers and silicones (basically, the same ingredients you’d find in plastic) to coat lashes and make them resistant to water and sweat. 

However, these waterproof formulas are still able to smudge, and your skin’s excess oils may be enough to slip and slide it off your lashes and onto your skin. 

Beyond the fact that waterproof mascara isn’t totally smudge-proof, it’s also really damaging to your lashes. Waterproof mascaras are drying, and not typically very buildable. When you apply numerous coats to your lashes, the result is usually the same: tarantula lashes that easily break. 

Over time, using waterproof mascara can seriously damage your lashes and cause them to weaken and fall out. If you must use waterproof mascara, be sure to only apply a very thin layer of the product to your lashes and remove it with extreme care. Never pull, tug, or rub your lashes to remove mascara. 

How Can I Prevent Mascara From Smudging?

If you really want to prevent mascara smears, you need to adopt a healthier lash routine and upgrade from your drugstore mascara. Here are 6 simple tricks to prevent mascara from smudging.

1. Cleanse Your Face (and Lashes)

You shouldn’t apply your favorite mascara to dirty lashes. Use a gentle cleansing product to completely remove all traces of makeup from your eyelashes and your eyelids, all the way to your brows.

While you’re at it, why not nourish and hydrate your lashes at the same time? RMS Beauty’s organic, raw coconut cream cleanses and restores your lashes while delivering serious hydration that will naturally help them look healthier.

The fatty acids in raw coconut cream help to keep your lashes conditioned and can promote healthy lash growth. Raw, organic coconut cream is gentle and well tolerated by even the most sensitive of skin types. 

2. Apply a Primer

Using an eyeshadow primer can help tame oily lids, but keep in mind that any product you use on your lids to dry them will do just that; dry the skin on the lids and potentially dehydrate it. 

Unless your skin is extremely oily, opt for using a rapidly absorbing beauty oil to keep lids hydrated and smooth the skin. Before applying your mascara, make sure your beauty oil has completely absorbed into your skin. 

Hydrated skin will naturally produce less sebum, which can prevent your mascara from smudging against your skin.

3. Use a Tri-Locking Mascara

You don’t have to use waterproof mascara to get a grip. A tri-locking mascara like RMS Beauty’s Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara will keep your mascara locked tight on your lashes without damaging them and causing them to break. 

Our formula uses natural, clean ingredients that synergistically bond to your lashes to create a hold that lasts without the use of polymers and silicones. You’ll enjoy 12 hours of long-wearing coverage without chemicals or ingredients that could be bad for your lashes, eyes, or the environment. 

4. Lightly Dust Under the Eyes — Never Bake

One of the worst possible mistakes you can make to prevent smudging your mascara is over-applying concealer and powder beneath your eyes. Not only does it result in a more dramatic raccoon eye look, but it’s also about as far from natural-looking makeup as you can possibly get. 

The “baking” method does exactly what it says: bakes the under-eye area, dehydrating it, and prematurely aging it. It’s also a very dated way of applying your makeup. Instead of applying a thick layer of concealer followed by a cake-like layer of powder, opt for a light dusting of translucent powder under the eyes. 

One to try: RMS Beauty’s Un-Powder. Our un-powder is talc and clay-free, so it won’t dry out the delicate skin around your eyes. Using this powder, lightly dust the area under your eyes prior to applying your mascara. If you get a smudge or stray bit of excess mascara under your bottom lashes, you can easily remove it by dusting off the powder. 

5. (Occasionally) Wipe Your Undereyes

Avoid the mindset that your mascara should act like superglue. It isn’t healthy for your lashes, and according to ophthalmologists, it isn’t good for your eyes, either. Instead, use products that are long-lasting and natural, and take better care of your eye-area skin. 

If you’re concerned about smudges under the eyes, gently wipe or blot your under-eye area periodically throughout your day. This will keep your skin free from excess oil and also remove any mascara that may collect under your eyes. 

You can also blot the area just under your brow bone, which will help you ensure you don’t get smudges near your eyebrows.  

6. Apply Mascara Correctly

Some of your smudging could be your own doing. If you’re still coating the backside of your top lashes you’re bound to get some smudges on your upper lid. Only apply your mascara to the front of your upper lashes. If you feel you need more than one coat, focus on only applying extra mascara to the tips of your lashes, instead of the entire shaft. 

For bottom lashes, avoid applying more than one coat. You don’t need the additional volume under your eyes and applying too much product here can just create the potential for a mascara catastrophe under your eyes. 

Should I Cover Mascara Smudges with Concealer?

It’s never a good idea to try to cover your mascara smudges with concealer. For one, the amount of concealer required to cover a dark mascara smudge will be more than you’d normally wear under your eyes. 

Additionally, you’ll end up creating an oily situation under your eyes that makes it even easier for your mascara to smudge, which means you’ll need more concealer. It’s a vicious cycle that will leave you with caked-on concealer and still-smudgy mascara by the end of your day.

Should I Put Clear Brow Gel on My Lashes?

No, it won’t make your mascara any more smudge-proof and it could also expose your lashes to polymers and silicones that aren’t made for your lashes or your sensitive eye skin. Brow gel isn’t designed to be used directly next to the lids of your eyes, and some formulas could cause serious eye irritation. 

Instead, stick to a high-quality mascara that you can trust to stay in place and practice the above tips to make sure it doesn’t smudge. If it does, be ready to easily swipe it away. RMS Beauty’s Makeup Remover Wipes are the perfect tools to keep in your bag or desk drawer. 

Each wipe contains nothing but raw, organic coconut oil, to easily remove mascara smudges without drying out your skin or damaging your lashes. 

Smudge-Free Without Chemicals

You can easily create gorgeous styles with your lashes and get them to last all day if you’re wearing the right kind of mascara and avoiding excess product and chemicals

Swap out your regular mascara for lengthening mascara that has tri-lock technology, like RMS Beauty’s, and treat your lashes to nourishing formulas that are expert at staying put. 


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