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Natural Makeup Look Trends: Everything You Need To Know

Natural Makeup Look Trends: Everything You Need To Know

Sometimes you need a super glam look. Parties, special events, or just a particularly fun Friday night are all excellent opportunities to play with color and create dramatic, iconic looks. 

For everyday, natural makeup reigns supreme. 

Natural makeup looks are more than just mascara and lip balm. New, natural makeup trends look polished and perfect with minimal effort. It’s even possible for you to make your own makeup routine look more natural with a few tips and tricks. Let’s learn. 

What Is “No Makeup” Makeup?

The “no makeup” look is a way of using certain cosmetic products to create the illusion of perfectly glowing skin that looks natural and makeup-free. Natural makeup focuses on highlighting your own beauty, not covering it and changing it. 

With a no makeup look, you’ll use techniques to highlight your skin, bring out your eyes, and create a sun-kissed or flushed look. Instead of bright, dramatic shades, you’ll opt for colors that are more muted and closer to your natural skin tone.

No makeup looks aren’t raw; you won’t leave your house feeling like your skin looks freshly scrubbed or like you just fell out of bed. A well-perfected no makeup look requires skill and the right products. 

How Can I Make My Makeup Look More Natural?

You can adopt a cleaner, more natural makeup look by adopting a few insider tricks of the trade into your routine. The main focus of a truly no makeup look is the condition of your skin. If you work on getting your skin healthier from the inside out, you’ll naturally have a better foundation for a no makeup look. 

Focus on Skin Care

Taking good care of your skin makes all the difference in terms of creating a flawless, natural makeup look. Radiant skin starts from within, so the products you use should be able to penetrate deeply for best results. 

Serums and oils are a great way to supercharge your skin’s ability to heal itself, stay hydrated, and begin to glow. 

The use of a daytime and nighttime serum can literally transform your skin, increase moisture, and give it a completely new texture. 

The RMS Beauty Day to Night Skin Beauty Duo includes two fabulous serums to keep your skin nourished both morning and evening. 

  • RMS Beauty Oil. Our beauty oil works like a highly concentrated serum, feels like a spa treatment, and does double-duty as a makeup primer. Filled with plant botanicals and essential oils, our beauty oil’s main ingredient is jojoba oil. 

    Jojoba oil is closest in chemical structure to our skin’s natural oil, called sebum. It works to help balance the skin’s natural moisture levels and prevent oily and dry patches.

    Our beauty oil contains natural ingredients that work synergistically with your skin to hydrate, nourish, and protect it. Filled with emollients, this formula conditions and softens the skin, filling in cracks and smoothing over rough patches. 

    Use RMS Beauty oil every morning, before you apply your makeup. It works fabulously as a primer before foundation. 
  • Kakadu Evening Beauty Elixir. The ying to the beauty oil’s yang, our Kakadu Evening Beauty Elixir goes to work when you go to bed. Restorative Kakadu oil helps repair and replenish skin so you wake up to a smoother, healthier complexion. 

    A powerful blend of plant botanicals helps you wake up to skin that is brighter, energized, and glowing. 

Serums and better skincare will create the perfect landscape for creating a more natural makeup look. Learning different techniques with your color cosmetics is next on the agenda. 

Always Use Primer

A primer is a product that helps prepare your skin for the rest of your cosmetics. Primers help smooth your skin’s texture and create a more workable palette so your other products go on easily. 

Primers are important, but keep in mind that whatever is inside your primer will lay flat against your skin, with the potential to penetrate it. Opt for natural, plant-based primers that won’t cause your skin to become irritated or harm your body. 

RMS Beauty Oil is the perfect primer for a natural makeup look. 

Skip the Heavy Foundation

Heavy foundation can ruin a natural makeup look. If you have skin concerns that you’d like to cover up, focus on applying foundation only on those areas and blending like crazy. Remember, your goal is to show more of your natural skin.

Both the RMS “Un” Cover Up Cream Foundation and the RMS original “Un” Cover Up give you buildable coverage that is natural, blendable, and provides the perfect amount of correction without hiding your own skin. 

Try focusing on only the areas of your skin that have noticeable redness or hollows. Blend Un-Cover Up products over these areas, working in an outward motion. Un-Cover Up literally melts into your skin for a flawless finish. 

Try a Cream Blush

Powdered blushes can create a more noticeable finish, especially if you aren’t an expert at applying them. While it’s totally possible to achieve a natural look with a powdered blush, a cream blush is virtually foolproof.

One to try: RMS Lip2Cheek stain. Our Lip2Cheek product works perfectly for both lips and cheeks, and anywhere else you need a hint of natural color. Available in seven different buildable colors, you can customize your level of natural flush. 

Apply with a Light Touch

We know the influencers you follow on Instagram literally drip product onto their faces and pound it in with a makeup sponge, but for creating a natural makeup look, this is a no-go. 

Less is more, and using a light touch to blend in your product will help the minimal amount of product you use stay in place and remain visible.

Blend, Blend, Blend!

Blending is your friend and what will make your natural makeup look most effective. Your fingers work well for blending products, and the natural warmth of your fingertips helps the plant-based ingredients in clean cosmetics soften and move freely over your skin. 

Go for Glow

The best way to create a natural makeup style that truly looks sheer, natural, and glowing is to use products that create a slight iridescence on the skin. There’s nothing better than RMS Luminizer for creating a glow that is natural and believable. 

If you’re afraid you won’t apply it correctly, we’ve got an entire tutorial here with step-by-step instructions and helpful application techniques so you can apply it like a pro. 

Which Natural Makeup Look Trends Should I Try?

Excited to try some of the latest natural look makeup trends you keep spotting? You can create amazing, natural looks by focusing on using the right products and keeping it simple. 

Brushed-Up Brows

A trend that is (literally) growing on us, brushed-up brows are simultaneously natural and edgy. Instead of a sparse, painted-on brow, we’re seeing more naturally bushier brows with brow hairs purposefully swept upward. 

This trend is an instant eye-opener and easy to create with a brow brush and a bit of brow powder

If your eyebrows are thin, you’ll need to use makeup to create the illusion of a thicker brow. Sweep on your brow powder and use a brow brush to gently “lift” brow hairs up and away from the eye.

Dolphin Skin

Dewey skin, but make it 2021. Introducing dolphin skin, a makeup trend that creates a look so dewey it looks fresh out of the water. 

Dolphin skin keeps color minimal and focuses instead on highlighting cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, chin, and forehead with luminizer. The more luminizer you use, the more glistening the look. 

To make this style your own, use minimal makeup on the rest of the skin. We’ve seen this work well with no eye makeup, so the focus is only the glistening skin. A light lip stain is enough to complement this look.

Flushed Cheeks

The flushed cheeks look is one of the easiest to create and most natural-looking. The key to creating a perfectly flushed cheek is to find the shade that best matches the natural color your cheeks turn when you blush. 

If you’re having a hard time determining your color, this handy guide can help. 

Warm Eyeshadow

Warm eyeshadow colors give your lids a sunkissed look without exposing them to damaging UV rays. Blending is the key to creating a natural warm eyeshadow look. You’ll also want to avoid using all the colors in your arsenal, and opt for one to two shades that blend together for a truly subtle finish.

Beachy Bronzer

During the long days of summer, nothing looks more natural than beautifully bronzed skin. However, using a bronzer without a little know-how can make you look more like an Oompa-Loompa than a sunkissed goddess. 

Lucky for you, RMS’s Buriti Bronzer is easy to use and literally melts into your skin for a perfect finish. 

Way To Glow!

Creating a natural makeup look is easy with the right products and techniques. Remember that less is more; the focus should always be on your natural beauty and your own skin. If you aren’t comfortable with your own skin, get it healthy with natural, raw cosmetics and skincare from RMS Beauty. 

With RMS, you get the very best, food-grade, quality ingredients that nourish your skin naturally. With healthy skin, it’s easy to create natural makeup looks that are totally believable. 


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