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Eyelash Curlers: How To Use Them the Right Way

Eyelash Curlers: How To Use Them the Right Way

It’s no secret, we’re obsessed with lashes. The lash extension industry is worth over $1 billion dollars, and that’s no surprise. The second you open your favorite social media app you’re immediately bombarded by eyes framed with the longest, most unrealistic fringes imaginable. 

For the rest of us, achieving lengthier, fuller lashes that still look believable can be a challenge, especially for beginners who are getting their basics from the Youtube videos of makeup artists who, let’s be honest, are doing way more than we generally want to on a daily basis.. 

One tool that can help is an eyelash curler. However, an eyelash curler can also damage your lashes if you don’t use it correctly.

Here’s what you need to know about eyelash curlers and how to get realistic, beautiful lashes with seriously intense curl without damaging your lashes or spending a lot of time and money at a lash salon. 

Do Eyelash Curlers Really Make a Difference?

An eyelash curler won’t make your lashes longer or fuller, but they can create a wider, more open-looking eye, and make your lashes more noticeable. They’re especially helpful if you have lashes that are particularly straight or short. 

Are Eyelash Curlers Bad for Your Eyelashes?

Used incorrectly, eyelash curlers can absolutely crimp or damage your lashes-even rip them out. That said, if you use them properly, they’re safe enough for daily use to optimize your lash length.

Does It Matter Which Eyelash Curler You Use?

You can grab an eyelash curler at the drugstore or pay close to $50.00 for one that claims to have precise engineering and longer-lasting durability; either way, there are a few features your eyelash curler should have. 

  • The curler should fit the entire width of your lash line. Some curlers are too small, and won’t catch the hard to reach lashes in the corners of your eyes. 
  • Flexible silicone rubber pads. These are the most gentle on your lashes and won’t snag or yank individual hairs. Silicone lash pads are best for the smallest lashes, which are often subject to snagging and squeezing. Lash curlers that don’t have protective curler pads for comfort or that are designed poorly are more likely to cause damage and crimps to your lash line and leave you wondering what you did wrong.
  • Edge-free design. An edge free design means the sides of the eyelash curler won’t pinch the skin or tiny lash hairs that are on the sides of your eyes like a traditional curler might.

How Can I Protect My Lashes?

If you want to use an eyelash curler, you can do it correctly to protect your lashes from damage. Once you’ve got the perfect (read: safe) curler for precise performance, you only need to learn the proper way to curl your lashes.

How Do I Use an Eyelash Curler?

Although it can be tempting, only use your eyelash curler once a day, and always before you apply any product to your lashes. Ideally, you’ll want to curl your lashes once you have moisturized and primed your skin. 

Brush Your Lashes First

Using a clean mascara spoolie, brush your lashes from root to tip to divide them and add definition. The RMS Beauty Back2Brow brush has a spoolie on one end that is perfect for styling your brows and combing through your lashes.

A lash comb will also work to comb your lashes, but a spoolie will be more effective in removing any small bits of leftover product in your lashes if you didn’t get them squeaky clean. 

Make Sure Your Curler Is Clean

Never use a dirty eyelash curler on your lashes. It’s important to clean your lash curler frequently, especially if you accidentally got product (like eyeliner or mascara) on the silicone pads in the wide opening of the curler.

Using a cotton swab and alcohol, gently clean the bouncy silicone pad portion of the eyelash curler. Be sure the curler is completely dry before you use it on your lash line. If you don’t, you could cause irritation to your eyelashes and even to your eye.

Hold the Curler for About 8 Seconds Before Letting Go

Next, squeeze the eyelash curler on your lashes with gentle pressure. Too much pressure will feel like you are yanking or pinching. Too little pressure won’t properly curl your lashes. Using your index finger and thumb, gently squeeze the handle of your eyelash curler and hold the cutler in place for eight seconds.

Pro Tip: Lots of tutorials will tell you to heat your eyelash curler with a blowdryer before curling your lashes. This isn’t a great idea. For one, you don’t really have a good way to control the amount of heat on your curler. Secondly, you could risk burning the delicate skin on your eyelid.

For Particularly Straight Lashes…

Gently curl from the root to the tip in continuous gentle squeezes — this will help define a curl that holds all day, even for the straightest of lashes. You don’t want to overdo this step, so aim for about four or so squeezes only per eye as you move down the lash. 

This will help make sure you don’t turn your lashes into a 90-degree angled sharp step. The lash curler has to be moved after each curl slowly towards the end so you have a soft natural curl and not a sharp, straight up L-angle. A sideways look in the mirror will show you what we mean. A rounded curl is more natural and what you aim to have. 

Apply Mascara After Curling Only

Never apply any eyelash product before curling your lashes. Even the most natural mascaras should never be applied before curling. Mascara coats your lashes with glossy finishes that naturally make your lashes stiffer. 

Curling your lashes after you use mascara increases the chance they will break. You’ll also risk crimping your lashes, making them look bent.  

Curl Gently, Don’t Yank

Take special care to apply the perfect amount of pressure when curling your lashes. Make sure you are being as gentle as possible; never yanking or tugging.

Give Your Eyelashes a Break Once in a While

Although safely curling your lashes can be done daily, if you use a nourishing mascara, you’ll likely find you can easily skip this step. 

RMS Beauty’s Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara not only lengthens and defines york lashes, but nourishes them with pro-peptides to encourage more density, longer lengths, and total lash health. Plus, our mascara is probably one of the only mascaras you can curl after the mascara has dried — but proceed gently with your grip. This is the last thing you want to be aggressive with. 

Our mascaras are formulated to keep your lashes healthy, and help them grow healthfully. With healthier, fuller lashes, you can retire your lash curler and streamline your morning lash routine. 

How Often Should I Curl My Eyelashes?

Our founder Rose-Marie Swift says: “It all depends on the mascara. Some mascaras contain a lot of water, so no matter how well you curl them, they will fall down. RMS Mascara holds lashes all day.”

Do All Eyelash Curlers Work With All Eye Shapes?

While most eyelash curlers will work for any eye shape, an edge-free shape will work best for all eye shapes. These are usually able to grip small lashes on any shaped eye, and have less curvature if your eyes aren’t almond-shaped. 

How Can I Get the Curl To Last All Day?

With a water-heavy formula, you won’t. 

With our formula, once your lashes are curled and you’ve applied mascara, your curl should last all day. 

If you find your lashes straighten out within a few hours, consider giving our root-to-tip method above a try, or switching your mascara formula. RMS Beauty’s formulas are all designed to keep your lashes styled all day, without the use of harsh chemical ingredients. 

The Bottom Line

Do you need a lash curler? Maybe. If you want to create a wider looking eye, or add a little curl to lashes that are particularly straight, an eyelash curler can be the solution. Just be careful you use your curler properly and give your lashes a break from the routine once in a while. 

To better protect your lashes and preserve the curl you create, use a nourishing mascara, like the ones available from RMS Beauty. Our formulas won’t dry your lashes or make them brittle. 

Natural, healthy lashes are the key to looking polished and drawing attention to your eyes. RMS Beauty has the cleanest and most effective eye products to help you achieve the eye looks you love. 


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