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Black Eyeshadow Looks For Different Skin Tones

Black Eyeshadow Looks For Different Skin Tones

The most dramatic eyes create depth, draw attention to the eye, and look flattering, even when the colors used to create the look are bold and dark. Dark colors, like blacks and charcoals, can be intimidating, but they don’t need to be.

We’ll show you how to create the perfect, black eyeshadow look using flattering colors that work for your skin tone and eye color. We’ll also give you the fool-proof tips you need to make your eyes look stunning instead of scary and master dark eyeshadow trends.

Is Black Eyeshadow Flattering on All Skin Tones?

When we talk about specific colors, it’s not as simple as saying one color is flattering on certain skin tones and another is not. All colors can work for all skin tones, as long as you use a shade of the color that fits your skin’s undertones.

In other words, if you want to wear red lipstick and have cool undertones, you’ll want a red that has blue undertones. If you have dark undertones, you’ll pick a red that has more of an orange or brick base.

Not sure how to find your undertones? This tutorial makes it easy.

Will Black Eyeshadow Look Good on Me If I’m Pale?

The darkest, blackest eyeshadow will likely make a fair-skinned person look sick or skeletal. That’s why undertone is so important. If you have pale skin with cool undertones, you’ll want a lighter shade of black like charcoal or gray.

The best black eyeshadow is a color that compliments your skin tone, no matter how light or dark it may be.

Can Black Eyeshadow Be Used as Eyeliner?

One way you can easily achieve a black eyeshadow look without committing to covering your entire lid is by using black eyeshadow as eyeliner. To do this, you’ll use a powder brush. Dampen the brush with a little water and gently press it into your shadow.

Additionally, black eyeliner can sometimes be too intense for the look you want. In these cases, using black eyeshadow as a liner is the perfect solution, giving your eye definition on the upper lash line and lower lash line, without looking too harsh.

If you aren’t proficient in using an eye pencil or liquid eyeliner, using black eyeshadow can give you a similar look without stressing you out or requiring a lot of precision and skill.

Using the top edge of the brush, line your eyes with the shadow. The result will be a smudgy edge that creates a sultry, blurred line. This also works well with smoky eye looks.

How Should Black Eyeshadow Be Used for Different Skin Tones?

Once you know your skin’s undertone, you can shop for eyeshadow colors that match. For instance, if you have warm undertones, you’ll look for shadows that have warm bases.

Lighter Skin

For light skin, keep colors lighter. Lighter shades of black like gray and ash will still look dramatic and noticeable on your skin. These shades can be used over the entire lid for a monotone color that looks almost ethereal.

If you want a more intense color, use it in the crease or outer edge of your eye only. Too much heavy color will make your eyes appear sunken.

Medium Skin

For medium skin tones, you can use virtually any shade you like. For darker shades, try using them in the crease or outer edge. You can use them over your entire lid, but make sure you balance the rest of your makeup to compensate, keeping your cheek and lip colors more muted.

If you want an all over shade. You can also use off-black shades with undertones of pink. We love RMS Eyelights Champagne Mink, which is a perfect mixture of gray and pink blended together.

Darker Skin

Even though it would seem that wearing dark shadow on dark skin is easy, it can be hard to get it right. While dark skin can handle the depth of a true black eyeshadow, you may not want that dramatic of a look.

Wearing lighter shades of black eyeshadow can help draw more attention to your eyes. Be careful that you don’t use a shade of gray that is too light, which can give you the appearance of raccoon eyes, similar to using too much concealer.

How Can I Make Black Eyeshadow Look More Natural?

You can’t. There’s nothing natural about black eyeshadow. Although it’s a neutral color, it’s also bold and dramatic when placed on the lid. You can soften a black eyeshadow look by using a shadow that is a few shades lighter than pure midnight.

Most frequently, we see black eyeshadow used for obtaining a classic cat eye, or for creating soft wings for opaque matte cat eye looks. However, black eyeshadow is completely accessible for creating more neutral looks by simply using different application techniques.

You can make the look appear less dramatic by softening the remainder of your makeup. In other words, avoiding a bold, red lip when wearing black eyeshadow and instead wearing a more neutral lip color.

We love RMS Beauty’s Lip2Cheek in Lost Angel on both lips and cheeks to perfectly compliment a dark eyeshadow look.

Blend, Blend, Blend

It goes without saying, you’ll need to blend black eyeshadow to prevent streaks, lines, and weird angles. Using a densely bristled brush will help you move the product easily and blur the edges so it looks perfectly applied.

Only Use it On the Outer Lid

If you’re not ready to commit to all-over color, using a dark black eyeshadow in the outer corner of your lid can give you the look you want without the heavy color.

Using an angled brush, pick up a small amount of powder on the edge and apply to the outer ⅓ of your eyelid, focusing on the creases to the lash line.

Use Less Powder

Dark eyeshadow colors go a long way. Normally, they are so richly pigmented you only need a little powder to apply them and get a pure streak of color on the lid. Remember, it’s always easy to add more color, but it’s harder to remove too much eyeshadow if you’ve already applied it.

The Bottom Line

Black eyeshadow looks can be dramatic or perfect for daytime depending on how you apply them. Matte black eyeshadow is both classic and edgy, giving your eyes intensity and drawing attention to your lashes.

For the best black shadow looks, match your eye shadow shades to your skin tone. Pair your dark shadow looks with a nude lip and light cheek color to complete the look. For more ways to wear black eye makeup, or for tutorials on how to create other looks, check out our how-to section.

As always, steer clear of dangerous ingredients in your makeup. Black eyeshadow can be home to carbon black, a carcinogen that is regulated even in the under-regulated U.S. cosmetics industry.

This year, dare to wear a dark shade and trust the experts at RMS Beauty to help you perfect and define your eye makeup look.


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