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What's a Naturally Derived Fragrance?

What's a Naturally Derived Fragrance?

There’s so much talk in the beauty world about clean ingredients in makeup and skincare, but what about fragrance? You might be surprised to find out that one of the biggest loopholes for including potentially harmful ingredients in products is fragrance. It’s aptly named the “fragrance loophole” and it refers to a legal or regulatory gap that allows companies to withhold specific details about the ingredients used in their fragrance formulations. Fragrances are often considered trade secrets, and companies are not required to disclose the exact components of their fragrance blends on product labels, which enables them to hide possible toxins. 

That’s one difference with synthetic fragrances, but what about clean fragrances or naturally derived options? With the launch of our first-ever fragrance with Heretic Parfum, we thought it was important to clarify where ours stands and what makes it different so you can feel confident every time you spray it. 

What is the difference between a traditional, clean, and naturally derived fragrance?

  • A traditional or synthetic fragrance is created using mainly manufactured molecules that mimic the aromas we all know.
  • A clean fragrance discloses their ingredients and is typically created with safe synthetic materials, while only having a few natural ingredients or sometimes none at all.
  • A naturally derived fragrance (like Scarlet Moon) is a rare practice in the fragrance industry due to the high cost and lack of availability, as it comes from a natural source. Synthetic fragrances do not contain the rich "molecular soup" that essential oils do and therefore are considered cosmetic. 100% naturally derived fragrance materials contain hundreds of aroma molecules that can affect the mind, body, and spirit making it a true functional fragrance with aromatherapeutic benefits. A good analogy is a synthetic fragrance being akin to an apple-flavored candy. The candy may taste good but there are no nutritional benefits. A naturally derived fragrance is like eating a fresh apple, it tastes good and you get all of the nutritional benefits.

Is this eau de parfum long lasting? What’s the best way to apply?

You can expect Scarlet Moon to last for three to four hours, as naturally derived fragrance materials do not have the same longevity that synthetic fragrances do. Natural perfuming materials are a by-product of the plant whereas synthetic aroma-molecules are engineered in a lab and designed to be intense and long lasting. We recommend applying Scarlet Moon to clean, dry skin on the clavicle, wrists, back of legs, and into dry hair. Toss it in your bag and regularly reapply throughout the day allowing it to be part of your daily rituals, lifting your mood and connecting you to mind, body, and spirit.

What is a functional fragrance?

Because Scarlet Moon is created with 100% naturally derived botanical ingredients, it also has aromatherapeutic benefits which in turn makes it a functional fragrance. So not only does it provide a pleasant scent, but it also offers specific functional benefits beyond traditional fragrance attributes. 

What are Scarlet Moon’s aromatherapeutic benefits?

  • Blood Orange, Petitgrain Heart, and Italian Mandarin: All function to alleviate stress and create a sense of happiness and wellbeing. 
  • Galbanum: Is grounding
  • Black Pepper: Helps with focus and motivation.
  • Fir Needle: Helps with focus, motivation, and wellbeing.
  • Violet Leaf, Japanese Hinoki, Cedar Leaf, & Virginia Cedarwood: All function to improve a sense of wellbeing and encourage feelings of groundedness.
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