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What Sets Hydra Setting Powder Apart

What Sets Hydra Setting Powder Apart

Setting powders have been used for centuries to help set makeup, offer coverage, and control shine. And while the formulations we know today have come a long way since their Renaissance era, we felt like they were all still lacking in skin benefits—something we take very seriously at RMS.

In 2016 we launched our original Unpowder, which was really made from more of a professional standpoint to complete mattify the skin for photoshoots. But after eight years and so much innovation in ingredient technology, we felt like the formula needed an upgrade. Particularly for those people who wanted to control shine but without removing their glow completely. That's where Hydra Setting Powder came in.

Hydra Setting Powder has the latest and greatest technology and a few extra skin benefits like the HerbalHydrate Complex for a beautiful finish that doesn’t look dry, cakey, or leave a white cast.

The Hydra Setting Powder Difference

Here's a little more about what sets Hydra Setting Powder apart from other setting powders on the market:

  1. Clean Ingredients
    Our formulas are always clean and our new Hydra Setting Powder is no different. A lot of setting powders can use talc in them which is a pore-clogging ingredient that can be cross contaminated with asbestos, a known carcinogen. Ours is talc-free along with all of our other powders including ReDimension Bronzer and ReDimension Blush
  2. Hydrating Formula

    Hydra Setting Powder has a HerbalHydrate complex of water-soluble plant-derived actives in 100% vegetable capsules, which allows for moisturizing benefits to be suspended inside a powder. This creates a beautiful, natural finish that doesn’t look dry, cakey, or leave a white cast.

  3. Skin Benefits
    We love your skin and so do our products. Alongside the HerbalHydrate complex, Hydra Setting Powder also includes skin-loving clean ingredients like Vegetable Squalane balances oil and hydrates, antioxidant-rich Wildcrafted Buriti and Organic Jojoba Oils nourish and defend against environmental stressors,
  4. Flexible Shades
    Many setting powders only have one or two translucent shades. Hydra Setting Powder is available in three sheer, soft-focus shades alongside our untinted UnPowder. The ultimate goal was to make this powder as invisible on the skin as possible. In order to do this on a wide range of skin tones, we needed a slight tint to cover the white cast of the mica and silica in the formula. This approach allows for more flexibility in shade selection while still delivering the desired benefits.
  5. Performance
    Not only do we put incredible ingredients into our Hydra Setting Powder, we also put them to the test. Hydra Setting Powder was shown to visibly reduce shine for eight hours and lightly hydrates the skin for four hours. 

Hydra Setting Powder not only controls shine effectively for up to eight hours but also incorporates our innovative HerbalHydrate Complex and nourishing botanical oils to hydrate and protect the skin. With a range of flexible shades designed to complement diverse skin tones, our setting powder ensures a flawless, natural finish without leaving skin looking dry or leaving a white cast, setting a new standard that prioritizes both performance and skin benefits.

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