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Rose-Marie’s Fall Routine

Rose-Marie’s Fall Routine

Can her signature look get any cooler?

Rose Marie Swift’s signature red lip isn’t going anywhere for the season. Rose Marie believes in makeup that’s right for her face, not for any changing trends. But as summer retreats and fall’s rich, earthy colors start showing themselves in nature, she likes to bring a little of that earthy richness to makeup.

 “This time of year, I start feeling a shift—it’s a cozy, more sultry energy,” she says. “It’s those deep, warmer tones, the burgundies and the rusts. It’s a blurred, smoky line around the eye rather than a sharply defined one. Little things like that give the face that seasonal change.”

And of course, as the weather cools outside, and interiors start being heated, your skin is exposed to a lot of drying factors. So Rose-Marie views the changing weather as a reminder to re-focus on skincare, and hydration, hydration, hydration.

“My skin really craves moisture at this time of year, so I just slather Beauty Oil on my face, morning and night, and it feel so good.  It’s a blend of such wonderful hydrating oils, in the right combinations for skin to utilize their benefits fully,” Rose-Marie says.

She also recommends using RMS Beauty Body Oil after your bath or a shower, to just get that extra hydration now that skin can get so unexpectedly dry so quickly. A master blender, Rose Marie has spent countless hours identifying the healthiest oils in the world, and the best ways to use them in beauty products.

“Our coconut oil is my mainstay in the fall,” Rose-Marie will tell you. “It’s one of the healthiest oils in the world, if not the healthiest, and I chose this one in particular for its high levels of lauric and caprylic acids. These are known for their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help clean and nourish even the most sensitive, irritated and aging skin. It’s an exceptional moisturizer and it even helps condition your eye lashes and your hair—and really your whole body.”   

Pro tips for fall skincare:

-Add a little coconut oil to your bath water, and your skin will feel silky and super hydrated.

-Nothing removes makeup better then coconut oil— its fine, delicate texture melts away any makeup so easily—even waterproof mascara!

-Drink plenty of water and take your probiotics and prebiotics to minimize the stress of the seasonal change on your skin.*


*Is there a 'gut-brain-skin axis'?

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