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Organic Skincare Products for Your Self-Care Routine

Organic Skincare Products for Your Self-Care Routine

Trying to navigate the organic, cruelty-free skincare world can be a challenge. For starters, practically none of these terms is defined and regulated like food ingredients are, meaning each company gets to define its own version of the term. 

At RMS Beauty, we know you want organic products, but finding them in skin care can be a headache. We’ll talk about organic skincare and how you can find the perfect organic beauty products to add to your self-care routine. 

What Is Organic Skincare?

Defining organic skincare is just not that simple.”

The FDA usually regulates products that have an organic label. However, they draw the line at skincare, kind of like how they draw the line on medications at supplements.

We know what you’re thinking, “Wait, my skincare says it is organic.” It does, and the manufacturer isn’t lying; it just means something slightly different compared to what you’ve learned to expect with organic foods. 

An organic skincare rating means that it contains organically derived ingredients, and those are regulated by the USDA. However, many skincare and color cosmetic products cannot be 100% organic because there are ingredients in skincare products that cannot be agriculturally grown. 

A good example? Water. Water is an inorganic compound that can never be organically sourced. Water is in practically every skincare product on the market. While the water source can be filtered, mineral, or direct from the Fountain of Youth, it still can’t be certified organic, at least not by the USDA’s standards. 

What Organic Skincare Means to RMS Beauty

When our founder, Rose-Marie Swift, created RMS Beauty, she did so with decades of industry experience with color cosmetics and skincare products. She knew she wanted products that contained purposeful ingredients and that what went into the products was just as important as what was kept out. 

As such, she developed a cosmetics line completely free of toxic ingredients and filled to the brim with the “good stuff;” plant-based ingredients that nature packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to maintaining youth, radiance, and healthy skin. 

What We Ban

Thousands of ingredients will never find their way into an RMS Beauty product. Most notably, we never allow parabens, gluten, synthetic fragrances, GMOs, sulfate, phthalates, talc, or nanoparticles. 

Additionally, we never test on animals. Because our standards are some of the strictest in the industry, you won’t find hundreds of products on our website. We don’t release new products until we’ve perfected the formula with the cleanest, greenest, and most beneficial ingredients that always out-perform their traditional beauty counterparts. 

What We Include

We’re transparent. If an ingredient cannot be certified organic, it isn’t (we’re looking at you, water). If it can be, it is. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced, wildcrafted, and kept as close to their natural form as possible to ensure maximum benefit to your body and skin. 

Some of our ingredients are so clean they’re considered food-grade. That means you could literally ingest them and remain completely safe (although we’d argue you’d get more skin benefit from topical application). 

Our Commitment

We have a zero-tolerance animal testing policy and are committed to providing more sustainable products for the future. To do so, we’re making products with refillable containers that help us reduce our carbon footprint. 

What Are the Best Organic Skincare Products?

True self-care starts at the ingredient level. If you love your skin, you’ll choose ingredients that are non-toxic and included in your products for a purpose: to help make your skin radiant. 

Here, we’ll cover our favorite best sellers that can help you detox your skin from chemical-laden products and make the switch to organic skin care an easy one. 


Cleansers can hide all sorts of undesirable ingredients, especially sulfates and parabens. These ingredients help increase the shelf life of products and make them bubble. 

Cleansers are also hideouts for synthetic fragrances and artificial colors. Basically, the sweeter the scent and the brighter the color, the more chemicals you’ve got in your cleansing bar or cleansing oil. 

  • Product to try: RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream. It cleanses, hydrates, heals, and protects. There is virtually nothing that our cold-centrifuged, organic coconut oil can’t do. 

We love to use this as a cleansing oil. By removing a small portion of the product from the tub, you can liquify it with the warmth of your fingers. 

Gently rub coconut oil over your skin to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil. Unlike some synthetic face washes that can leave skin stripped of natural moisture, coconut oil hydrates with important lipids and protects with a powerful combination of antioxidants. 

What About Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin or struggle with breakouts and have been on the fence about including natural, plant-based oil in your skincare routine, coconut oil can help. 

Coconut oil helps soothe and calm skin that is red, irritated, and rashy and also helps fight breakouts by naturally balancing your skin’s moisture levels. It is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores. A true win for pimple-prone skin. 

Exfoliating, Naturally

Raise your hand if you’ve ever left your shower with bright, red skin due to an exfoliant that worked a little too well. 

It can be hard to find a nourishing, natural skin care exfoliant. Sugar granules can be too large, and crushed apricot and walnut seeds (popular traditional skincare ingredients) can literally create microtears in your skin.

Exfoliating is important because: 

  • It helps your skin remove old skin cells. Your skin cells naturally renew every 30-60 days, depending on your age. Normally, old skin cells are pushed to the surface and naturally sloughed off, but if they hang around long enough, they can cause breakouts, rough skin texture, and a dull complexion. 

Exfoliating helps remove the dead skin cells leaving your skin looking brighter and more radiant. 

  • It stimulates new skin cell growth. The new skin is firmer and more youthful. Exfoliating dead skin cells away helps send a message to your skin to ramp up the production process and create more new skin cells. 

However, you don’t need nanoparticles or granules (or basically sand) to exfoliate your skin. You only need a natural ingredient with exfoliating properties and a gentle cloth. 

  • Product to try: RMS Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes. These ultra-gentle makeup remover wipes help you take the day off and help slough away dead skin cells gently, making them safe for all skin types. They include just one ingredient: our raw, cold-centrifuged, organic coconut oil. 

Face Oil

A beauty oil is your next step if you’re already using natural beauty products. Beauty oil can: 

  • Prepare your skin for makeup
  • Nourish and hydrate 
  • Improve texture
  • Help fade fine lines and wrinkles 

A blend of organic and wildcrafted essential oils gives our Beauty Oil the ability to hydrate dry skin and balance combination skin. 

Jojoba oil, rosehip oil, and wildcrafted buriti oil combine to deliver deep hydration and antioxidant protection. Our exclusive adaptogenic herbal blend helps with skin brightening and skin tone. 

Nighttime Skincare

Your skin does most of its reparative and restorative work at night. That’s why your clean beauty routine must include nighttime products that boost your skin’s ability to renew while you snooze. 

  • Our pick: RMS Beauty Kakadu Evening Beauty Elixir. Nature’s most powerful and largest source of vitamin C is kakadu plum, and our beauty elixir is packed with this skin-firming and brightening ingredient that helps restore skin’s brightness and radiance. 

You’ll also find CoQ10 in our nighttime elixir, which helps skin wake up and appear more youthful after exposure to environmental irritants. We round out the mix with our adaptogenic herbal blend. These organic ingredients are hand-selected by Rose-Marie to help boost skin’s radiance and deliver non-toxic, skin balancing, and nourishing elements to your skin. 

For Your Bod

Most of us have a personal care routine that involves body lotion, but lotions can be home to numerous unsavory ingredients, like phthalates and parabens. Additionally, body lotion can also be home to dyes and synthetic fragrances.

Instead, opt for a body oil that delivers hours of hydration without any toxic ingredients, and offers a light, naturally derived fragrance your office mates will appreciate.

Our Beauty Body Oil contains many of the same organic ingredients as our beauty oil but comes in a larger bottle, making it easier to apply. It's the best way to round out your clean skincare routine. 

Organic Made Easy

You want the best natural ingredients for your skin, but navigating the clean beauty industry can make your head spin. Make it easy on yourself and beneficial to your skin by shopping with organic skincare brands you can trust. RMS Beauty makes it easy to get the products your skin craves without ever having to second-guess whether they’re safe for your skin or organically sourced. 


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