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Just One Day? We’re Celebrating International Women’s Day 365 Days A Year.

Just One Day? We’re Celebrating International Women’s Day 365 Days A Year.


March 8th is always a meaningful day for all of us at RMS Beauty because it’s International Women’s Day. As a woman-founded brand led by a 77% female workforce, we stand for women’s rights every day—and a world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity, which we fully intend to continue to do, and encourage everyone to heed the call. That’s why we’re celebrating International Women’s Day and embracing equity all month—and year—long.

To celebrate the day, we asked a few members here at RMS HQ two simple yet powerful questions that embody the spirit of International Women’s Day. Lifting each other up and highlighting our strengths and stories is collectively empowering, and we encourage you all to do the same while tagging @RMSBeauty #EmbraceEquity.

Let’s Go, Ladies: Staff Shoutouts

Rose-Marie Swift
Founder and Master Makeup Artist

Name a woman you admire & why?
Audrey Hepburn for her classic simplicity, her quiet strength, and her tireless advocacy for humanitarian issues.

What’s one thing you do every day to feel powerful & strong?
First I meditate, then I put on a red lip.

Elaine Sack
Chief Strategic Officer 

Name a woman you admire & why?
I admire our product development lead, Katherine Bauer. She moved with her family across the country for this role, and I’m always impressed by her steadfast knowledge.

What’s one thing you do daily to feel powerful & strong?
I feel strong when I feel very passionately about a decision and refuse to take no for an answer. Being passionate is a core value here at RMS. If you love what you do, you get it back tenfold.

Kendall Meade
Creative Lead

Name a woman you admire & why?
Aurora James for her visionary work in creating the 15% pledge. Not to mention her fabulous shoe line, Brother Vellies. I look forward to reading her new memoir, Wildflower.

What’s one thing you do daily to feel powerful & strong? 
I meditate every afternoon. It helps me clear my mind and focus on what matters most: my mental health. I also make sure to stay hydrated with lots of H2O, and herbal tea (Liplights in Bare keeps my lips hydrated, too).

Alejandra Tenorio
Director of Digital Marketing

Name a woman you admire & why?
The woman I admire most in my life is my mom, for being an award-winning Architect and a fabulous mom, and never sacrificing either. I also have a deep admiration for our leaders Elaine Sack and Rose-Marie Swift for their pioneering vision and passion when they set out to create and cultivate RMS as a brand. It has been a fabulous journey to watch and it's so rewarding to be part of a team and brand whose product ethos stands for unwavering clean, cruelty-free, and science-backed solutions.

 What’s one thing you do daily to feel powerful & strong?
I feel most powerful when I take the first 30 minutes of my day to map out my goals and priorities for the day. I am my strongest when collaborating with my fellow colleagues on conceptualizing and executing marketing initiatives. Beyond that, a slicked-back bun, a little bit of Lip2Cheek, and my Liplights in Bare, and I'm ready to take on my day.

Lane Kirkland
Associate Art Director

Name a woman you admire & why?
I admire my mother, Julie, for the way that she champions her family, students, mentorees, and children in the Charleston area. After being a successful lawyer in a male-dominated industry, she taught and raised four children and now spends time advocating for children in the courtroom as a guardian ad litem as well as mentoring many women in the Charleston area. She is selfless, loving, and kind, and loves sharing her RMS with others! Her birthday also happens to be International Women's Day which I think could not be more fitting.

What’s one thing you do daily to feel powerful & strong?
I make a point to exercise every day whether it's tennis, a workout class, or just walking my dog, in order to get my body moving! The gratitude I feel for having a healthy body that can exercise empowers me to make the most of my day and love others well! 

Madison Dempsey
Customer Service Specialist

Name a woman you admire & why?
I admire my mother for her strength, kindness, and tenacity. I’ve always looked to her for inspiration to keep going when times get tough. She is a self-employed businesswoman with so much determination and drive. She has this unwavering ability to see the positive in everything, and I aspire to be like that! 

What’s one thing you do daily to feel powerful & strong?
Positive affirmations go a lot further than people give them credit for. Getting up in the morning and repeating my mantras helps to ease my anxiety and worries, and get me to a place where I feel ready to conquer the day. Any time I find myself in a situation where I feel stressed, I remind myself of my affirmations.

Shannan Carlson
EVP Sales, Merchandising and Planning

Name a woman you admire & why?
My mom.  I could pick a few women who have guided me professionally, but it's my mom who has guided me personally which has led to my success in life.  She taught me the value and importance of family and friends.   She reminds me to focus on balance (yes, she tells me to put my phone down and stop working).  She keeps me grounded on being kind to myself and to others.  She encourages me to be myself without apology.  Most of all, she showed me that there are no age limits to learning, changing, and growing. 

What’s one thing you do daily to feel powerful & strong?
I take the time to concentrate on my physical and mental health by running or practicing pilates.  It helps me manage my stress, clear my head, and have some moments of silence to reflect and re-energize.

Vetta Meggett
Fulfillment Member

Name a woman you admire & why?
My cousin. She is a true go-getter and shows me how to aim for everything I want.

What’s one thing you do daily to feel powerful & strong?
Waking up to life every day. Bring it on!

Kayla Sanders
Fulfillment Manager

Name a woman you admire & why?
My mother-in-law. She is the kindest and most dependable person I know. She is the best grandma to my baby boy and has shown me that I want to raise my son the way she raised her kids.

What’s one thing you do daily to feel powerful & strong?
I remind myself every day that I am strong because if I can give birth to such an amazing and happy baby, nothing else matters. It makes me feel powerful that a little life depends on me to take care of him and love him forever.

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