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How To Remove Makeup Before Bed and Get It All Off

How To Remove Makeup Before Bed and Get It All Off

You haven’t applied your makeup since the morning and aside from a few touch-ups, you haven’t reapplied; surely your makeup has worn off by bedtime, right? Wrong. Unless you walked to and from work in a rainstorm or did some pretty intense cardio at the gym, the same makeup you applied in the morning is still on your face by evening. 

It’s not a good practice to leave your makeup on overnight, but you’re tired, or you forget, or you simply can’t be bothered with adding one more item to your to-do list. Do you really need to remove your makeup before bedtime? If so, how can you be sure you’re getting all of it off your face?

Let’s explore why you should remove your makeup before hitting the pillow and how to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Is it Really That Important to Remove My Makeup Before Bed?

It is. In fact, it’s a must. Your skin needs to breathe while you sleep and it can’t do that with a layer of makeup applied to the surface. Your skin also does the majority of its rejuvenation and healing while you sleep, which is why it’s important to not only remove your makeup, but cleanse and treat your skin before you turn out the lights.

Leaving your makeup on overnight can clog your pores, dry your skin, and cause major damage. While forgetting to take your makeup off once in a while won’t cause you any major issues, it’s important to do it regularly.

But I use natural products, so I’m safe, right? 

Again, wrong. While natural, cleaner products are definitely better for your skin they, too, should be washed off before you go to bed. 

Not all makeup is made with the goodness that ours is made of, and you may not want that stuff on your face through the night.

Even if you think your makeup is “clean,” you might be surprised if you check the ingredient list. The cosmetics industry is largely under-regulated and in some areas not regulated at all. The cosmetics industry is actually self-regulated by the industry itself. It is like “the fox guarding the chicken coup” so there is no real guarantee to be 100% safe. The term “clean” isn’t fact checked by any governmental agency along with many more claims of safer, healthier ingredients so let’s get this all off of our face.

In order to make certain your products include the cleanest, most natural, and beneficial ingredients, you’ve really got to be your own advocate. 

RMS Beauty was founded to bring about change in the cosmetics industry. We’ve been setting the gold standard for the cleanest beauty products available since 2009. 

What makes us different? Living ingredients and complete transparency. 

We use raw, food-grade ingredients in our products that are as close to their natural state as possible. Our products contain ingredients that work synergistically with your skin, but they still should be removed each night.

Here’s how you can get your makeup off quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly, and also how you can give your skin what it needs to repair and rejuvenate overnight! 

First, wipe off what you can.

It was a long day, you’re beyond tired, and you just want to go to sleep. If you do nothing else, grab a makeup remover wipe and remove your makeup. 

RMS Makeup remover wipes contain one simple ingredient: pure, organic coconut oil. The reason behind this being one ingredient is to avoid the synthetic preservatives that are needed when water is an ingredient in a wipe. Avoiding water avoids preservatives and the coconut oil has its own natural  preservation system. 

RMS makeup remover wipes are gentle enough for a baby, but strong enough to remove even the toughest eye makeup. Using our makeup remover wipes not only keep your skin cleansed, they also hydrate your skin, leaving it in good condition for repair and restoration overnight.  

Why do these makeup wipes stand out from other chemical and preservative laden products?  Simply because of that one magical and fool proof ingredient — certified organic, cold-centrifuged (not cold pressed) coconut oil.  

We use this type of coconut oil due to the fact that coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils in the world.  It is known for having the highest levels of Lauric and Caprylic acids second to human breast milk. Yes that is correct!  Lauric and caprylic acid are known for their high levels of antibacterial, anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.  What can beat that for removing stubborn makeup and cleaning the skin?  

Coconut oil, however, gets some undesirable press that has led people to believe it clogs the pores. Yes, badly processed, badly manufactured, fractionated and adulterated (which means heat has been used to destroy some of these properties and alter the molecular structure of the oil).  These kinds of inferior oils will clog the pores.  We do not use this kind of bad coconut oil. Simple pure, raw, certified organic, cold centrifuged coconut oil that has never been exposed to heat, leaving all its healing properties and antioxidants in their purest state.

Removing your makeup before you go to bed is the minimalist approach to nighttime skincare. If you really want to improve your skin’s health, investing a little more time each night can make a huge difference.

Everything beyond this is what you might consider as a nightly skincare routine -- while removing your makeup is one of the most important steps, your skin needs a TLC beyond basic cleaning.

Next, cleansing. 

Once the makeup is gone, you can cleanse your skin. While makeup removal provides a surface level clean, it’s important to go a little deeper and remove dirt and oil from your pores.

Again, this step can be accomplished with the coconut oil due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, and rinsed or wiped off. Yes even acne-prone skin has seen significant results with this step. If you desire a more structured cleansing routine then by any means you can add another step with a natural cleanser and toner.

For cleanser, look for products that are specially formulated for your skin type (dry skin, oily skin or combination skin) or try one that’s beneficial for all skin types, like RMS Beauty’s Raw Coconut Cream. Coconut oil is good for your body inside and out. Our Raw Coconut Cream removes even the most stubborn makeup and mascara, but is gentle enough to use on irritated, sensitive skin, acne prone skin and even sunburns. This cream is also great for shaving. We personally agree it is the best shaving cream available and helps heal knocks and will not clog pores. 

Coconut oil has a long list of skin benefits from ultimate hydration to fighting blemishes. Coconut oil contains high levels of lauric acid, which helps promote healthy immunity and bolsters your skin’s radiance and natural hydration.

However, not all coconut oil is created equally. RMS Beauty’s Raw Coconut Cream consists of 100% organic, raw, unrefined coconut oil, which aids your skin’s ability to help fight free radical damage. Free radical damage is what prematurely ages your skin, so using our raw coconut cream to cleanse your skin helps you fight the signs of ageing while you wash.

Raw Coconut Cream is great for all skin types, including blemish prone skin. Unlike some blemish targeting cleansers, ours won’t leave your skin stripped of moisture, which can lead to future breakouts.


If you want to target a specific skin concern, using a toner can help. While you might remember using a cotton ball soaked with alcohol-laded toner from the 90’s as a really unpleasant experience, today’s toners aren’t nearly as abrasive. 

Many toners available today are alcohol free, with the ultimate goal being to hydrate your skin, or exfoliate. If you’re using a great cleanser like our Raw Coconut Cream, you can skip this step. Coconut oil provides great hydration that penetrates deeply, so you don’t necessarily need a toner. 


Possibly the most important product you can use on your skin prior to hitting the sack is a great serum. A serum is a super-charged liquid/oil that penetrates deeply into your skin, nourishing and restoring at a cellular level. 

If you’re searching for an all-in-one product to hydrate, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten, and smooth your complexion, Kakadu Evening Beauty Elixir is the Holy Grail.

Referred to as “beauty sleep in a bottle,” our miraculous formula of kakadu plum seed oil works in tandem with CoQ10 and an exotic blend of oils and adaptogenic herbs so you wake up fresh-faced and glowing. Adaptogens balance the skin to help heal and nourish. 

Spot Treatment

Most of the time, simply removing your makeup before you go to sleep will drastically reduce the amount of blemishes you develop. If you’ve got a particularly stubborn boo-boo, you can spot treat it before you go to sleep. 

We recommend a dab of Raw Coconut Cream to help soothe irritation and reduce the appearance of blemishes overnight.

Eye Cream 

Leaving makeup on your eyes and underneath them can cause the skin to dry, which can make fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. Once you’ve removed your makeup and properly cleansed, you can apply an eye cream to target under eye skin. We love to use the RMS Beauty Oil under the eyes as it has been proven to help in the appearance of dry skin, circulation and discoloration for aging under the eye 

You can also use Raw Coconut Cream or lip & skin balm on the skin of your eyes which will help hydrate it, keeping it from looking crepey and tired. This is a great remedy to remoisturize these areas during the day that have a dry appearance from some color cosmetics. 


Making sure your skin is moisturized properly before you go to sleep will help ensure your skin can properly restore and repair overnight. Do not forget the body also as the skin is the largest organism in the body so keeping clean and healthy ingredients on the top of your list is essential 

While our Raw Coconut Cream is truly an all-in-one product that works great as a moisturizer for literally every skin type, you can also try our Lip & Skin Balm for even more biologically active ingredients that support your skin’s natural functions. Our balm goes on smoothly and penetrates deeply, so you wake up with smooth, supple skin.

Face Oil 

Want to supercharge your hydration? Finish your nighttime skincare routine with a few drops of RMS Beauty Oil or RMS Kakadu Evening Beauty Elixir. This potent blend of ultra hydrating, organic oils is great for every skin type and helps keep skin hydrated and protected, improving overall texture and tone. Adaptogenic herbs kick in to balance, oxygenate and improve circulation of the skin 

As a side note, you can also use Beauty Oil as a primer before you apply your makeup. Beauty Oil smooths your skin, hydrates it, and creates the perfect canvas for makeup application. Apply minimally but it does the trick to maintaining a youthful glow to the skin under makeup. 

Final Tips

Removing your makeup and adopting a skincare routine is an adjustment, but the benefits to your skin are definitely worth the effort. Your own nighttime skin care routine may be different from the above recommendations, based on your own specific skincare needs. 

The ultimate takeaway is that removing your makeup every single night is important. Using a great all-in-one product like RMS Beauty’s Makeup Remover Wipes makes that simple, and also doubles as a moisturizer to help you cover all your bases if your day has you a little too tired to finish up the entire routine. Remember that water can be added to the wipes for a more traditional application.  We have not added water into the actual wipes to avoid the necessary chemical preservatives that would be needed in a water-based product. 

You can add in products as you become more comfortable spending the time to care for your skin before bed. 

Now, go grab a wipe and take the makeup off your face! 

This information for RMS was fact checked by an expert in the beauty industry: Rose-Marie Swift


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