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How to Celebrate International Women’s Day, According to the RMS Team

How to Celebrate International Women’s Day, According to the RMS Team

RMS is all about you. And while our name technically stands for Rose-Marie Swift—our founder and master makeup artist—we like to say it also stands for “radiant. magnificent. strong.” 

Because that’s what you—our gorgeous, empowered, clean community—are. 

So, as you’d imagine for a woman-founded brand led by a 82% female workforce, International Women’s Day (March 8th) holds a special place in our hearts. The UN’s global theme this year is “Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress,” and the idea of investing in women isn’t at all a foreign concept to us. We believe that the best investment comes when you #EmbraceEquity across the board; and that when you invest in women, you inspire them to be their best selves.  

Let’s be honest, here at RMS Beauty we celebrate the power of women (and our incredible community) 365 day a year. Because clean beauty is the best investment for a happy, healthy glow. But every year when International Women’s Day rolls around, we take this time to be a bit more intentional, and to infuse the UN’s global theme into everything we do, and to uplift others by sharing our stories and highlighting the power of women. 

This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we donated a generous amount of Tinted Daily Lip Balms to Lipstick Angels, a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing oncology-sensitive, customized clean beauty, skincare, and wellness services to anyone affected by cancer, and interviewed its founder, celebrity makeup artist Renata Helfman. We love their mission, and encourage everyone to donate to this wonderful organization.

In addition, for every purchase made on International Women’s Day, we’re including a little gift from our friends at Art of Tea (while quantities last) to remind everyone to take a little tea time for themselves to reflect, regroup, and nourish your body.

We also tapped our staff, who are some of the strongest and smartest women we know, to fill us in on how they like to celebrate International Women’s Day—and invest in themselves to make the world a better place, all year long. Keep on reading to learn more, and celebrate with us by sharing how you take time to invest in your best self @rmsbeauty (we’re always inspired by you and your stories).


THEIR BEST SELVES: How Our Team Invests In Themselves (Via Self Care—and a little RMS, too)



“Your skin is the mirror to your gut as they say,” Rebecca, our Social Media Director and brains behind the Charleston, SC based account @bitesandbevies, says. 

“It’s always been so important to me to have that healthy balance of treating yourself to the cravings you want (looking at you french fries), while also fueling your body as nature intended. I love to cook and have recently started a kitchen garden that has been so fun to upkeep. Cilantro and basil have been absolutely thriving so lots of chimichurri is being made in our house at the moment. And because I love food, I never go a day without my Digestive Enzymes. They truly are magical for the body, maximizing the energy and health benefits from food, helping to keep me showing up as my best self.”



“One of our favorite ways to spend an evening or the weekend is to go on an evening boat cruise with our pup, Fig!” Lane, our Art Director, says of nights with her dog Fig and her husband.  

“We will pack a picnic and bring a ball to throw for our pup and meet up with friends on an island if we can. Even if it’s after 5pm, I still wear my SuperNatural SPF for the perfect blurring effect as well as sun protection from evening rays and my Back2Brow Pencil to fill in my brows. If we decide to go to dinner by boat, I’ll throw on some UnCoverup Concealer, Straight Line Kohl Eye Pencil, and Straight Up Mascara for a full ‘no makeup makeup’ look. And when I get home, I make sure to apply my Lipnights Overnight Mask which leaves my lips feeling amazing when I wake up the next morning.” 

In addition to evening boat rides, one of her daily highlights is a lunchtime walk with Fig, which always includes SPF, and of course, a bit of brow, too. 

“We live near a trail that leads to the river, so I will throw on my SPF and fill in my brows with my Back2Brow Pencil and we’ll walk the trail, letting Fig swim in the river before heading back home,” Lane says. “Getting out in the fresh air (even if it’s cold) helps me feel grounded to finish the rest of my work day, and it makes my pup super happy. Plus, walking the trail has brought so much community and friendship into our lives. It’s great to get out of the house.”



“I think one of the best investments you can make for the week ahead is picking out beautiful flowers for your home that spark instant joy anytime you see them,” Rachel, our Sr. Digital Designer says. “Every other Saturday I check out my farmer's market for a fun variety of flowers to arrange at home. A farmer's market trip doesn't call for a full face, but my routine always includes the 5 Minute Clean Routine kit for the perfect amount of effort and glow on the go.”



“Since I was 6 years old, reading has been my favorite pastime. I love the thrill of an adventure, a character who feels like a friend, and a good story to indulge in after a long work week,” Ashley, our Social Content and Community Coordinator says. “My happy place is my Grandmére’s garden. It’s the perfect sunny spot in the mornings for a little writing and a lot of reading, plus a cup of tea. After using my Lipnights Overnight Lip Mask the night before, I’ll apply Liplights Cream Lip Gloss in the morning to prevent my lips from getting dry while outside. The formula is so creamy and adds just enough color to my more natural makeup look.”



“Before heading to the beach with my husband and pups, Leo and Klaus, I always apply my SuperNatural SPF for that much-needed UV protection.” Kass, our Influencer and Social Media Coordinator, says. “Even just a 20-minute beach walk helps me decompress after a long day so I can wake up the next day refreshed and ready to take on the day!”


Share how you invest time in yourself @rmsbeauty by taking time for you, every day.


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