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Gifts for Makeup Lovers: The 15 Best Gifts for the Makeup Lover In Your Life

Gifts for Makeup Lovers: The 15 Best Gifts for the Makeup Lover In Your Life

You know the person: always the first to wear the trendiest color of the season. They probably also apply their makeup like a makeup artist and never look unnatural (unless that’s their intention). 

For the makeup lover in your life, we’ve got 15 gifts they’ll love. Back away from the boring, one-size-fits-all gift sets, and step up your game with customizable products that are timeless and sure to wow them. 

For inspo, we asked the team of beauty professionals at RMS Beauty to tell us what’s on their wish list this year. We compiled their answers into the ultimate holiday gift guide.

For the Face

It probably goes without saying, but unless the giftee has told you a specific shade, it’s not a great idea to try to buy them foundation or concealer. Instead, focus on beauty gifts that are more universal, like skincare, luminizer, and bronzer.

1. Skincare

Skin types vary, so instead of trying to guess what your loved one’s skin type is, either ask them, or opt for a universally skin-loving product. RMS Beauty’s Skin Win Kit is the perfect way to dote on the makeup lover in your life with a trinity of full-size products that work synergistically with every skin type. It’s the ideal way to avoid matching colors to skin tone while still giving a skincare gift. 

2. Luminizers

Who doesn’t love the look of dewy, healthy skin, especially during the long, dry winter months? RMS Beauty’s Luminizer does the trick by keeping skin effortlessly glowy without glitter or sparkle. 

Not sure which color would work? Try the Living Luminizer Glow Quad, which features four universally flattering shades that work for virtually every skin tone. Unlike highlighters, our luminizers are formulated with plant-based, skin-nourishing ingredients that help promote healthy skin while you wear them. 

Rose-Marie tip: Applying luminizer to the collarbone, shoulders, and knuckles gives an unexpected shimmer to your skin that looks youthful and radiant. 

3. Bronzers

The summer enthusiast in your life might be feeling big sad during winter months. A great gift that reminds them of the golden months of the year could be the perfect solution to cure their winter blues. RMS Beauty’s Buriti Bronzer provides effortless hydration and glow for an all-year radiant look.

Bronzers give the skin a sun-kissed look so believable you might catch yourself daydreaming about tropical places. Not required but highly recommended? Including a voucher for a Caribbean vacation with the bronzer. Happy travels. 

4. The Perfect Primer

For makeup lovers who love the latest, greatest, cleanest, and greenest, RMS Beauty’s ReEvolve Radiance Locking Primer is the perfect gift. Formulated to outperform traditional beauty primers, ours safely locks in skincare, creating a flawless canvas that grips makeup without the use of parabens or sulfates. 

Made with our exclusive, patented Tightenyl™ and loaded with vegetable squalane, our primer helps keep moisture locked in for 24 hours and does double duty keeping skin firm and toned while you wear it. 

5. The Brush Set of Their Dreams

Brush sets are tricky. Good, quality makeup brushes are essential for any beauty lover, but trying to buy a 20-piece set from Amazon doesn’t usually give you quality tools. Instead, we recommend customizing a set specific to your makeup lover’s faves. 

Got a girl that loves to play with eye makeup? Load up a makeup bag with an assortment of brow and eye brushes — or make it easy with our Pro Kit, featuring six cruelty-free brushes for complexion, eye, blush, and illuminator application.

For the Lips

To keep lips under-the-mistletoe ready, trust these gifts as the perfect tools to help your loved one get glam for holiday parties, family gatherings, or just an average Monday in December. For loved ones who love the latest lippy, there’s no better gift idea than these. 

They also make excellent stocking stuffers! 

6. The Ultimate Lipstick

Not quite matte, not quite glossy, RMS Beauty’s Wild With Desire Lipstick has a comfortable satin finish that is long-wearing through kisses, drinks, and hors-d'œuvre. Your loved one will have peace of mind while they’re wearing it, knowing that they aren’t ingesting harsh chemicals, unsafe petroleum products, or toxins that could make them sick.

Afraid you’ll pick the wrong shade? Try our shade finder, which helps you pick the best shade for every skin tone. 

Rose-Marie tip: Wild With Desire Lipstick is formulated with RMS Beauty Oil, our signature blend of plant-based oils and adaptogenic herbs to nourish delicate lip skin and keep lips hydrated better than the best lip balms. 

7. Multitask

You know the type: they’re creating a 10-page sales report while simultaneously participating in a conference call and doing it with finesse. For the multitasking makeup lover, give them a product that can keep up. 

RMS Beauty’s Lip2Cheek is a cream-based, lightly pigmented product that works as both cheek stain and lip color. Formulated with plant-based oils and natural pigments, it’s one of our best sellers and an essential makeup product for any beauty pro. 

8. Lip Gloss

A super hydrating lip balm is a must-have for basically everyone, but lip balm can contain unsafe ingredients you don’t want anywhere near your mouth. RMS Beauty’s Lip & Skin Balm is formulated with food-grade, nourishing ingredients that keep lips and skin hydrated without exposing them to toxins. 

As with so many other RMS Beauty products, our lip balm has a second purpose, too. You can use it to soften hands, elbows, and anywhere else that needs a little extra moisture love. 

For the Eyes

The eyes have it, and a true makeup lover usually has somewhat of an obsession with eye makeup. From shadows to eyeliners, brow powder to mascaras, we have the very best options for the perfect eye-catching gift. 

9. Eyeshadow Upgrade

The same palettes trend every year, but chances are she’s got them all. Upgrade her eye makeup with RMS Beauty’s Eyelights Cream Eyeshadow. With just enough shimmer to draw attention, our cream-based shadows slide on easily for a comfortable, long-lasting look. 

Unlike other cream shadows, ours won’t crease or settle into fine lines and wrinkles. 

10. The Ultimate Mascara

Every few months, there’s a new Tik Tok mascara must-have, but how many of those formulas can boast eyelash-nourishing ingredients? RMS Beauty’s Straight Up™ Volumizing Peptide Mascara contains propeptides that nourish lashes to support lash growth. 

Water-resistant for 12+hours of volume and lift, our mascara won’t smudge, slip, flake, or cake, for longer, fuller-looking lashes that are healthy and hydrated. 

11. Brow Powder

Every face deserves groomed and well-defined brows. You can get them easily with brow powder. Unlike a pencil, which can sometimes leave harsh lines, a brow powder easily passes through brow hairs directly to the skin to create natural makeup looks that are effortless yet still polished. 

For the Body

If you’re not into picking out someone else’s favorite colors, you can skip the makeup and go for body care. It’s a great way to load up on luxe for your loved one without committing them to a lip color they may not like. 

12. Beauty Body Oil

Skip the lotion, give them body oil. RMS Beauty’s Beauty Body Oil is a rich, luxurious blend of plant-based, skin-nourishing oils that will keep their skin quenched for hours without parabens, sulfates, or any synthetic colors and fragrances. 

13. Coconut Cream

RMS Beauty’s raw, organic, food-grade coconut cream is the ultimate in skincare for the face and body. Cold-centrifuged to protect all the compounds and ingredients that make it skin-healthy, our coconut cream is antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-aging. It even doubles as a skin cleanser and eye cream, convincing us that the perfect holiday gift does, indeed, exist. 

14. Makeup Remover Wipes

The perfect little extra to toss in with a lippy or a Lip2Cheek Quad is our Makeup Remover Wipes. Perfect for their makeup bag, desk drawer, or bedside table, our wipes contain just one powerfully effective ingredient, our coconut cream. 

Unlike other makeup wipes that can contain harsh chemical ingredients, our makeup wipes actually nourish your skin while removing your makeup. Keeping skin soft and resisting clogged pores. It’s a beauty product that makes the perfect compliment to any makeup gift. 

15. The Perfect Duo

If you’re the friend of a makeup lover but not a makeup pro yourself, make it easy. This adorable travel bag carries all her travel-size products for her next post-holiday season trip. Enclose a gift card that lets her pick her favorites, and you’ll put the power of color in her hands. 

Happy Holidays From RMS Beauty

This season, cross people off your list with ease by shopping for the only products that do double duty for your skin and body. RMS Beauty creates the best makeup products that outperform traditional beauty counterparts and make it a cinch to give your makeup-loving friends the very best gifts. 


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