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10 Expert Tips for Healing and Preventing Dry Skin in the Winter

10 Expert Tips for Healing and Preventing Dry Skin in the Winter
It’s winter, and no matter where you are, the temps are dropping. Chilly, harsh winds, close-to-no humidity, and super dry, coupled with indoor heating and the constant fluctuations in temperature, can strip our skin of its natural oils, leaving it parched, tight, and totally chapped—and don’t even get us started on our lips. Because our lips don’t have oil glands, they’re naturally unable to produce moisture and hydration on their own.

And here at RMS Beauty, we’re not about flaky, dry skin that just won’t quit. We’re all about moisturized, hydrated skin, no matter the season. And to get that, we’ve found doing a mix of a few different things often works best. 

So we asked William, a Miami-based makeup artist for over 14 years and one of our Artist Experts, to dish on all his top tips for how he keeps his skin hydrated and moisturized, all winter long, and no matter the weather or season (and yes, it does get dry and cold in Miami!).

  1. Hydrated Skin Starts from Within
    “This sounds cliche, but it’s true. Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and when we’re not drinking enough water and staying hydrated, our skin gets the brunt of it,” William says. “To prevent dry skin during the winter (and all the time, really), I like to keep a water bottle by my desk so I don’t have to think about it. I also always take my RMS Beauty Within Supplements every single day without fail. The Within Probiotic + Prebiotic keeps my gut in check, which greatly influences the health of our skin.”

  2. Opt for a Gentler Cleanser
    “Picking a gentle cleanser can play a pivotal role in protecting the skin barrier, which means less dry, flaky skin and more moisturized, glowing skin,” William says. He suggests going for something that’s creamy and mild, and gently removes makeup and impurities, like our RMS Raw Coconut Cream, which is 100% pure, raw, unrefined organic coconut oil. It removes even waterproof mascara easily, while conditioning and cleansing the skin simultaneously. Plus, it’s non-comedogenic, so it’ll never clog your pores.

  3. Do Gentle Exfoliation Regularly
    Cold, harsh winter weather can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells, or dry and flaky skin. That impacts how skincare absorbs into the skin, and how makeup lays on top of it. “How you exfoliate is totally up to you,” William says. “But, exfoliation is a must. And especially during the winter, it’s best to steer clear of products with beads or abrasive physical exfoliants. I prefer gentle ‘chemical’ exfoliants, like a fruit acid toner, or even taking a warm, wet washcloth and gently wiping the face with it.” Or our RMS Beauty Oil, which is packed with Kakadu Plum Extract, the highest natural form of Vitamin C, to naturally brighten the complexion and encourage cell turnover.

  4. Go for Rich, Nourishing Moisturizers
    “A nourishing moisturizer is an absolute must, but thicker isn’t necessarily always better,” William says. “For daytime, I love using our Beauty Oil on cleansed skin as a nourishing, brightening base, and then applying ReEvolve Radiance Locking Primer with a wet Skin2Skin Beauty Sponge on top. And for night, I honestly do the same, and then finish with a thicker moisturizer.” William also likes to use our Raw Coconut Cream as a moisturizer, because it hydrates and doesn’t clog pores. Just take a small scoop, warm it between your hands, and press the oil into the skin.
  5. Never Forgo a Serum or Oil
    “Without an oil, serum, or both, your skin is missing that extra layer of hydrating nourishment it desperately needs in the winter,” William says. “The RMS Beauty Oil is packed with Kakadu Plum Extract, which is the highest natural form of Vitamin C, so it brightens and moisturizes the skin. And our primer is a Kind-to-Biome Certified formula that’s loaded with hyaluronic acid, Vegetable Squalene, and Eggplant Fruit Extract, locking moisture in for over 8hrs.”

  6. Always Apply a Protective Lip Balm
    One of William’s favorite tips is the main reason we launched our creamy, nourishing do-it-all Liplights Cream Lip Gloss, and then its gorgeous sister, the Lipnights Overnight Lip Mask: to protect lips from the dry air year ‘round.  “This Lip Mask is my end all, be all,” William says. “It’s powered with Kakadu Plum Seed Oil, which has the highest concentration of natural Vitamin C, and peptides, which plump fine lines and wrinkles. Think of it like a clean, actually good-for-skin version of your grandma’s Vaseline.” To take full advantage of it beyond applying just before bed, William suggests applying a thicker layer while you do your makeup, and blotting any excess once it’s time to do your lips. Then applying a thin layer if you’re going outside in the cold on top of your lip look to protect from , or applying our Liplights Cream Gloss to add a pop of nourishing color.
  7. Humidify Your Space
    “Look, we don’t sell humidifiers, but I’m still going to suggest you get one,” William says. “Even in places that are usually more humid, like Miami, winter can wreak havoc on our skin, causing dryness, flakiness, and even acne.” To prevent that tight, dry feeling in the morning, get yourself a simple humidifier that’s easy to clean, and always use purified or distilled water for your mist.

  8. Go for Warm, Not Hot Showers
    Hot showers can feel ahhhmazzzing, but hot water strips skin of its natural oils, and can further itchiness and irritation for your skin and scalp. “‘I’ll usually take a warm, not hot, shower in the winter to help protect my skin barrier, but if I’m really craving something hot, I’ll take a bath with a few drops of essential oils and a handful of epsom salts. That way I’m still nourishing my skin while getting the heat I need.” 

  9. Layer Your Skincare
    “The order in which you layer your skincare actually does matter,” William says. “It’s important to always go from lightest, and water-based, to heaviest, and oil-based.” That’s because your skin naturally absorbs water, and when you have a water-based layer on and then an oil-based layer on top of that, your skin will absorb both more easily. A good rule of thumb is to always go: serum, lotion, oil.  “Your serum or serum-like product (I’m thinking of our ReEvolve Radiance Locking Primer, here)  is usually going to be water-based and have a hyaluronic acid in it, so your skin will absorb it quickly,” William says. “The lotion is heavier, but also water-based. And the oil, like our Beauty Oil, has no water (which is a good thing, because that could cause bacteria to grow!) and is full of nourishing organic oils that will seal in moisture and boost glow.”

  10. And Layer Your Outerwear, Too
    Your mom always told you to wear a hat outside or you’d get sick. But what she probably didn’t tell you is that hats, gloves, scarves, and layers protect your skin from getting chapped and irritated.“I’ve gone far too many winters thinking I just didn’t really need gloves,” William says. “News flash: you and your cuticles absolutely do.” 

“At the end of the day, you probably won’t do all of these tips at once. But if you do even a couple of them, I promise your skin—and your makeup—will absolutely thank you. Because a gorgeous, glowing look can’t be gorgeous and glowing if your skin is dehydrated and flaky.”

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