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Cream Eyeshadow Looks That Absolutely Slay

Cream Eyeshadow Looks That Absolutely Slay

Let’s face it; eyeshadow can be hard to apply properly. Even after watching countless tutorials, you might still end up with more of a black eye than a smokey eye when you attempt to apply gray shadow. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Cream-based eyeshadows are virtually foolproof, and so easy to apply you really only need your finger and about ten seconds of time. 

A simple swipe of cream shadow can:

  • Add a pop of color to your lids
  • Reflect light and make your eye area appear larger
  • Complete your entire look

Cream shadow is easy to use and it's incredibly versatile. Blending it with a powder shadow or layering it with other cream-based shadows can create dramatic looks that are perfect for both day and night. 

The professional makeup artists at RMS Beauty love a great cream shadow. We’ll explain what it is, how to apply it, and give you five cream shadow looks you’ll want to try right now. 

What Is Cream Shadow?

It’s not powder (obviously). Cream shadows are lush, richly pigmented eye shadows that glide on easily and don’t require a lot of work to blend. Their pliability is what makes them easy to use. Once only known for being glitter eyeshadow, cream shadows are now available in matte and metallic colors, too. 

How To Apply Cream Shadow

If you ever feel frustrated searching for that crease brush or flat eyeshadow brush, cream shadows are your hero. To apply them, you really only need your finger. If you want to use a brush for more precision, you have the choice to do that, too.


Using your fingers to apply allows you to get the most color on your lids. You’ll also save time (and patience) by not having to search for a particular brush. 

To use your finger, place a small amount of shadow on your index finger, and gently tap it across and onto your lid starting in the middle and blending outward. You can also swipe versus tap, especially as you have more product on and you’re working on blending versus just applying. 

Use any remaining shadow to fill in the area from the middle of your lid to the inner corner of your eye. It’s not a good idea to start your application there, because it can be difficult to get the shadow in that area without smudging it on the edge of the inside of your nose. 


Using a brush allows you more precision, and it’s also helpful if you’re using your cream shadow as an eyeliner. Place a little product on the back of your hand and lift it with the brush. You can wipe excess on your hand to get the exact amount of shadow you need. 

Just like you applied with your finger, start in the middle of your lid and blend outward. Using the brush, it’s easier to get to hard-to-reach areas, like the inner corner of your eyes. 

Need a multi-purpose eye shadow brush? Try RMS Beauty’s Eye Polish Brush. The perfect shape, this brush makes applying both powder and cream shadow a breeze. 

5 Cream Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Love

It’s easy to go from day to night or basic to dramatic with cream shadow, and the best part is that it doesn’t require a lot of time, brushes, or skill. Finding two colors that complement one another is all it takes to master these techniques. 

1. The Basic

One color of cream shadow is all you need for a beautiful pop of color that lasts all day. Using either of the techniques above (finger or brush), apply a single layer of shadow over your entire lid, stopping just above your crease. 

2. Partner It With Powder

Using powdered shadow along with a cream shadow creates a unique look and broadens the range of color pairings you have. Cream eyeshadow can sometimes leave a dramatic edge, and a powder can help soften the edge and blur the colors to perfection. 

To use a powder with a cream, apply the cream first, and use the complementary powder color on the outer edge to blend the cream shadow and soften the edges. 

3. Liven Up Your Lash Line

Your lower lashes usually get a coat of charcoal eyeliner and a coat of mascara. Create some drama below your lashes by applying a small amount of cream shadow instead of your usual liner. This draws attention to your lashes and adds depth to your eyes. 

Be sure to apply the cream shadow only to the middle of your lower lashes outward. Applying it too close to the inner corner of your eye can irritate your eye and actually make your eyes look smaller. 

4. Illuminate With Luminizer

If you’re using a matte cream shadow in a neutral color like taupe, adding a dab of luminizer to the center of your lid can widen the eye area by adding reflective highlights to your eye. 

Even if you are using a metallic shadow, a dot of luminizer will still complete your look and keep your skin looking dewy and hydrated. Our Luminizer X Quad can double as an eyeshadow palette to coordinate with all your cream shadows. 

5. Line It Up

You can use cream eyeshadow as an eyeliner, especially if you want a less precise, smudged eyeliner look. If you’re not great with applying liner in the first place, this is an easy way to line your eyes without the need for a perfectly straight edge. 

Using a precision brush, apply product to your lash line, and blend outward. It’s best to start with a small amount of liner and add more if you need it. You can always add more, but it’s hard to remove the liner you’ve already applied without completely starting over.

The Creamiest, Cleanest Shadows

The problem with many cream shadows is that they contain harmful ingredients that aren’t good for your eyes, or your body. RMS Beauty delivers the cleanest, most effective products in the industry, and our cream shadow is no exception.  

RMS Beauty Eyelights Cream Shadow is formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients and safe minerals that are nourishing to the delicate skin of your eyelid. Available in six rich metallic shades, these long-lasting shadows are easy to apply and are buildable for even more drama. 

Natural mica creates a gorgeous, light-reflective finish that is never glittery and provides the right amount of shimmer. Luminous shades keep the attention subtle enough for daytime, too. Build coverage for a deeper, more dramatic look. 

Ingredients Matter — Here Are Three Cream Eyeshadow Ingredients To Avoid

The ingredients in some cream shadows are absolutely unacceptable for your eyes. Three big ingredients often come to mind, and avoiding them is easy if you stick with brands you trust to produce high-end, clean shadows, like RMS Beauty. 

  • Talc. Did you know that talc and asbestos form together? Because of under-regulation in the cosmetics industry, talc that ends up in your personal care and cosmetic products can be laced with cancer-causing asbestos. Numerous brands of eyeshadow that contain talc have been tested and found with asbestos, so it’s best to avoid talc at all costs. 
  • Parabens. Parabens are often added to cosmetics to extend the shelf life of a product. Parabens are known hormone and endocrine disruptors, and can also irritate the skin. 
  • Carbon black. This byproduct of coal mining finds its way into many eye products because of its dark pigment. Unfortunately, it’s unsafe and linked with cancer

It’s one thing to avoid toxic ingredients, but is it possible to find intentional ingredients in your cream shadows? We say absolutely!

RMS Beauty: Cream Shadows You Can Trust

At RMS Beauty, we’re just as obsessive about what goes into our products as what we keep out. That’s why you’ll never find parabens, coal tar (carbon black) or talc in any of our products. 

What you will find are nourishing ingredients that actually help support the delicate skin around your eyes:

  • Green Tea Extract. A powerful antioxidant, the organic green tea extract we infuse into our cream shadows helps protect your lid skin from free radical damage. Free radicals can damage skin cells and cause your lids to age faster than they normally would. Every time you wear our cream shadow,  you’re protecting your eyes from these external stressors. 
  • Natural Peptide Quinoa Extract. Scientifically researched, this plant-based peptide (the building block of proteins) helps keep eyelid skin smooth and firm. 

With our cream shadows, you can do double duty every time you use them; protect and nourish your skin and get great color and dramatic looks at the same time. 

Slay All Day (and Night)

Cream shadows are easy, multitasking, and a definite must-have in any makeup bag. Perfect for both day and night, long-wearing, and crease-resistant, cream shadows might just be your new favorite eye accessory. 

With RMS Beauty’s cream shadows, you can highlight your eyes, add a pop of color, and nourish your eyelid skin all at the same time. 


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