With our auto-adjusting mineral pigments, your shade customizes to your skin tone.
So with these 16 shades you have infinite shade matching possibilities.
“un” cover-up concealer
lightweight, concentrated cream concealer
“un” cover-up cream foundation
rich, nourishing cream foundation
shade: 000
lightest shade for the true snow whites
shade: 00
a light shade for fair skin
shade: 11
ivory with slight golden base
shade: 11.5
a buff beige with neutral undertones
shade: 22
our biggest seller. with its yellow base, this shade is great for light-medium skin tones
shade: 22.5
a cool buff beige
shade: 33
a warm beige
shade: 33.5
a warm tawny peach
shade: 44
a medium honey with cool undertones
shade: 55
a tanned amber shade for medium or olive skin tones
shade: 66
a golden sienna
shade: 77
a deep sienna
shade: 88
a rich auburn
shade: 99
a rich light mahogany
shade: 111
deep mahogany
shade: 122
rich ebony