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British Vogue: Who Says Organic Has To Be Boring?

October 04, 2013

British Vogue: Who Says Organic Has To Be Boring?

The November issue of British Vogue officially proclaims it sweater weather, which means many wonderful things are now in store! Piles of leaves to jump in, mugs of hot cider to sip on, cozy blankets to snuggle up in and a change in the winds. The cold air can cause dry skin, but with the powerful moisturizing ingredients in RMS products, your skin will be protected and nourished all season long.

RMS Living Luminizer continues to be an essential makeup staple for fall. This creamy highlighter will give you a lovely, subtle glow even as the leaves begin to fall and temperatures start to drop. However, not all RMS products are so subtle in color. Standing apart from other natural cosmetics, our products are packed with pigment, giving you a pop of color that will make you stand out, even if the weather makes you want to stay in. 

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