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Sunday Times Style: Planet Organic

August 12, 2013

Sunday Times Style: Planet Organic

July's Sunday Times Style is more than an in-your-face cover of the notorious Miley Cyrus.  Flip past the Daddy bloggers and J.Crew's drool-worthy wardrobe to find your next beauty savior.

What's more is that these beauty fixes also have an organic counterpart.  Whether you're in dire need of a natural hair mask, a yummy organic candle or a no-fuss sunscreen, this issue has you covered.

And if you've been hunting for a bright lip color, our sacred lip shine is your new best friend.  Far from the stereotypical organic lines that skimp on pigments and versatility, rms beauty delivers a product that is not only a creamy gloss (and doubles as a light cheek stain!) but also packs a serious punch of pigment.

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