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Company Magazine: WWGD?

July 24, 2013

Company Magazine: WWGD?

With summer winding to a close, the UK's Company Magazine made sure they did the best possible roundup for their readers.  From top shopping spots and restaurants to the best in fashion and beauty, Company has all you need to close this summer with a bang.

No one knows natural better than Gwyneth Paltrow who is not only a world-class actress but also founder of, a lifestyle site that features the best in makeup, recipes, fashion and more.

So, what would Gwynnie do?  How does one get that from-within-glow?  Company asked the question on everyone's minds, and the mother of two answers with her favorite products and makeup routine.  Aside from stellar genes, Gwyneth swears by plenty of exercise, water and facial oils--including the rms beauty oil!  This miracle potion will keep your skin hydrated through the day, giving you that beautiful, natural radiance not seen with creams or lotions.

Let's hope this, paired with fabulous sunglasses and some tinted lip balm, will have us looking just as good at 40!

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