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Vogue Spain: Currently Coveting With Frida Gustavsson

April 04, 2013

Vogue Spain: Currently Coveting With Frida Gustavsson
Vogue Spain hits the stands with the British stunner Rosie Huntington-Whitley on the cover.  This special anniversary issue brings the best beauty and fashion trends straight from the runway to you.

As the face of Nina Ricci's new fragrance, Frida Gustavsson is the epitome of sweet innocence.  Vogue Spain sat down with the model to find out what she's currently coveting--from her favorite city and jeans to beauty must-haves and jewelry. With the whirlwind of fashion week, a model's skin and hair can take quite the beating.  To calm and rejuvenate her skin from all the toil harsh makeup does to her face, Frida applies the rms beauty oil.  Just a few drops will nourish skin and coax it back to its usual glowing state.

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