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Marie Claire: Miranda Kerr's Get-Gorgeous Guide

March 27, 2013

Marie Claire: Miranda Kerr's Get-Gorgeous Guide

Bring on spring with this month’s Marie Claire!  April’s issue tackles skincare crimes you may not even realize you’re committing and how to best get a fresh, radiant glow working from the inside out. Supermodel, mother and business guru Miranda Kerr has clearly mastered the daunting task of balancing family life and work life.  Setting aside a few minutes to breathe and reflect is just one method the Victoria’s Secret veteran utilizes to get centered.

In addition, Miranda also surrounds herself with only beautiful, empowering items that can inspire and bring out the best in her.  Marie Claire dug deep to find out some of the Aussie’s current must-haves, ranging from diet tips and haircare products to literature and music.


A long time friend and colleague of Rose-MarieMiranda swears by the ‘un’cover-up, an award-winning concealer that also doubles as a light foundation.  With its organic ingredients such as coconut oil and cocoa butter, this creamy formula truly “works wonders.”

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