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Women's Health: Jessica Alba's Natural Beauty Secrets

February 13, 2013

Women's Health: Jessica Alba's Natural Beauty Secrets
The March issue of Women's Health Magazine is out, and who better to ask for natural beauty secrets than the gorgeous Jessica Alba?

From diapers and cleaning products to skincare items and cosmetics, this actress knows that natural is the way to go--both for your health and the environment.   With that in mind, Women's Health wanted to know Jessica's secret to glowing skin by skipping conventional cosmetics that are laden with chemicals and preservatives.  And what concealer can always be found in her purse?  The rms beauty "un"cover-up!

"Because it's the fastest way to do skin touch-ups without a full foundation redo," Jessica keeps it simple by keeping our award-winning concealer on hand at all times.  Added bonus: its coconut oil base will help to not only cover blemishes but also to heal them.

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