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Red UK: Why Consistency is Skin's Best Ally

December 13, 2012

Red UK: Why Consistency is Skin's Best Ally
Britain’s Red Magazine has released their seasonal special–just in time for the holidays!  As if you needed another reason to lather on the luxurious beauty oil, Red’s beauty director dishes why it’s now one of her favorite new discoveries.
As the beauty veteran says, “Consistency and commitment are key”–and rightly so. Be it cosmetics or skincare products, the best thing for skin is to use a product regularly rather than confuse it by applying different ingredients constantly.

Gently massaging the beauty oil onto your face will help balance and heal while creating a dewy finish, an absolute must have for parched, winter skin.  By applying in the morning before makeup and at night before bed will start your skin on a cycle that provides radiant results.

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