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RMS Beauty Oil is Glamour UK's Newest BBF

December 10, 2012

RMS Beauty Oil is Glamour UK's Newest BBF
The January issue of British Glamour is out and filled with everything you need to prepare for the new year.  From health tips to the latest in beauty, Glamour UK reveals their current obsessions that are a must-have for everyone's vanity.

Take it from the Brits across the pond: oils are where it's at for 2013.  Traditional claims that oils are the culprit behind breakouts have finally been proven wrong by these divine potions.  Rather than leaving fragranced creams hovering on skin's surface, penetrate skin with an oil that is full of healing properties and balancing herbs.

And for dry skin?  The beauty department of Glamour UK has dubbed the rms beauty oil one of their new BBF's for its ability to moisturize, minimize fine lines and keep skin looking radiant.  Gently massage this liquid gold onto skin both morning and night to nourish and hydrate thirsty skin.

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