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Rose-Marie + Makeup and the City

June 14, 2012

Rose-Marie + Makeup and the City
Rose-Marie recently gave a makeup lesson to visiting Russian professional makeup artists for a workshop called Makeup and the City.  The workshop gives aspiring makeup artists the opportunity to learn from some of the most established names in the beauty industry.
For this model, Rose-Marie demonstrated how to create a darker look with heaver colors.  Here, she applied the karma cream eye shadow and an eyeliner to the inner rim of the eye.  Just a touch of the living luminizer was dabbed onto cheek and brow bones, as well as the inner eye corners and lips for an instant glow.  The bloom was then applied to lips for a touch of color and shine.
 Following the class, one of the attending makeup artists used rms beauty products to create the above look.  She used the living luminizer to highlight the model's features, then applied the lunar and solar eye shadows to her eyes.  The 22 'un' cover-up was used as a foundation, and the 44 was used as a contour.  Lastly, promise lip2cheek was applied as a blush to cheeks.

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