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Go Green With Vitamineral

January 06, 2012

Go Green With Vitamineral

I normally do not promote products through my site or blog unless they are amazing and can really contribute to your health, but this one is undoubtably the best green drink you could possibly add to your morning ritual.  

Vitamineral Green from Healthforce Nutritionals contains 100% organic/wildcrafted ingredients, making it a completely functional superfood.  Whereas most green powders are less then 60% functional and contain fillers and semi-functional ingredients, Vitamineral Green is nutrient dense.  It consists of  vegetables, probiotics, grasses, algae, sea vegetables, enzymes ... you name it -- all fabulous for the body!  I take this every morning in powder form or in caplets, and I promise you will feel a difference within a few days.  This is an easy, healthy way to go green for the new year!

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