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Get The Look: Lindsey Wixon for W Korea

November 08, 2011

Get The Look: Lindsey Wixon for W Korea

Lindsey Wixon covers W Korea

Makeup by Rose-Marie Swift, Photography by Phil Poynter

Lindsey has the most unique face in the biz, and I love it.  She’s going to be an incredible star!  I used my new lip shine, sublime, which will be out early 2012 to give her a fresh girlie pout--she truly has lips like no one else... super sexy (she will laugh cause I always say that to her).

To add to her wild side I applied lots of thick messy mascara.  Messy mascara can look amazing on the right face and style. (I’m asked a lot about when I’ll launch a mascara, it is something that is a labor of love but is definitely in the works! It will not be does NOT work).

Next, her eye’s were created by blending rms beauty muse lip2cheek and magnetic cream eye shadow. One of the things about my line is how easy cream based makeup is to blend--you can create so many elegant combinations and is so user friendly. Remember...the cream eye shadows have to be applied minimally and worked into the lid like you would a moisturizer so it settles better into the skin. On Lindsey, I took the color right up to her brow.

Finally, I accented her glow with a delicate touch of my living luminizer in the corner of her eyes near the water line by her tear ducts.  I have another surprise coming out next Spring that will make this trick 100% foolproof so keep an eye on my blog for more information!

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