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June 25 2015

Rose Marie I love all of your products! I have un-cover up 22 and 33,smile and rapture lip/cheek tints and 2 of the eye shadows as well as the balm and coconut butter. They are so easy to use and guilt free to apply on your face as they aren't doing any damage. I use the un-cover up more like a concealer (over a tinted moisturiser) rather than a foundation.. I noticed on your piece with Gisele you say you used it as a foundation. Did you just apply it all over her face to do this, or did you blend it in with a moisturiser to apply it more like a foundation? One last question! Is it fine to use the uncover up as an under eye concealer? It shouldn't dry out or effect that area should it? Thanks for your wonderful range – it has changed the way I care for/ treat my face! :)

rms beauty Blog
June 25 2015

Thank you so much! Raw materials and ingredients are so important to me and the line itself—it's amazing the difference it can make on your skin! xo

June 25 2015

I love RMS Beauty products! I want to like Tarte, but I don't think those products are as green as I would like…

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