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Always Tested on Gisele Bündchen, Never on Animals

January 03, 2011

Always Tested on Gisele Bündchen, Never on Animals

..... this is a question that I get asked every once in awhile and I have to admit I get annoyed. I am sorry but I am going to give you a little lesson on the absurdity of this question. First of all....any brand that uses chemicals in their products that says they do not test on animals is not telling the whole truth. All the chemicals they use are purchased from the big chemical labs that make those chemicals for cosmetic brands and THEY DO or have done THE TESTING ON ANIMALS.

Organic brands do not use any chemicals therefore they are not purchasing any of those harsh nasty chemicals that are questionable for safety that have already been tested on animals. Lines that are using certified organic ingredients (Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, etc) have no need to test on animals nor do their suppliers test on animals. It is a known fact that these ingredients will not harm a human or a bunny.

In short, all chemicals have been tested on animals at one time or another for the beauty industry so saying they never test on animals is an easy way out since the chemicals they are using have already been tested on the animals before they purchased them for their products. I do not like brands that add this "we do not test on animals" logo onto their marketing cause it is meaningless and misleading and makes them seem innocent when in reality the chemicals already have been tested on the poor little bunnies.

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